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SpEd Tech. EDB

Overview of SpEd Topics

A school is considering adopting a "get tough" policy that enables it to expel students whose behavior is disruptive and/or violent. What is the policy that describes the relationship between this school's policy and IDEA? This school is not compliant with educational laws because IDEA states that if a behavior or disruption of a student is caused due to their disability they can not be expelled without due process.
On school party days, two third grade students with EBD get so excited that their behavior becomes very difficult to manage. Is it okay for a teacher to ask the Special Education teacher to have separate activities in a different room for these students? No, the regular education teacher should arrange to have more adults in the classroom to help with these students during the party.
What is NOT an important consideration in the process of evaluating a student for evidence of EBD? A) The referring teacher B) The age onset of the problem behavior C) The setting in which the problem behavior is exhibited. D) The treatment to be used The treatment to be used.
What guideline would best help a teachers aide to assist students with EBD, who are doing independent work? Limit assistance to "help needed" to keep students working on their own.
A student with EBD has been placed in regular mathematics. When given worksheets the student looks at the sheet for a few seconds and then pushes it aside and puts their head down. What should the teacher do before assigning more work or moving on? Talk with the student to evaluate whether the assignments are appropriate for them.
What is an example of a dependent group contingency? Each time one student in the class earns 10 points for completing academic tasks, the entire class will be rewarded with five minutes of free time.
Developmental profiles of individuals with learning disabilities can best be characterized as: Uneven, because a students development may be lacking in some subjects but in contrast they have average or above average development in other subjects.
Students with learning disabilities typically can benefit most from whole-language instruction if it is combined with direct instruction in: Phonics and word recognition
A deficit in which area would most accurately be called a phonological deficit? Ability to recognize differences between sound combinations.
Which theoretical explanation best accounts for the difficulties that students with learning disabilities often experience with short-term memory function? Inefficient processing and initial encoding of information.
A teacher who rewards good behavior with gold stars is using what theory? Behaviorism. Ex. Behaviorism seeks to reinforce behavior. Good behavior receives positive reinforcement while poor behavior receives punishment.
what is NOT a teacher function in the model for the delivery of a teacher-led instruction of a daily lesson? Expressing affection is not a function of delivering instruction to students.
What classroom design focuses on separating students, so as not to distract each other? Child-oriented classroom is designed so that a child has access to a teacher who is focused on the individual and the teacher can support students in individualized assignments.
What is not a component of RTI (Response to Intervention)? Dual-level prevention system is not a function of RTI because RTI has three levels of intensity and prevention.
A student has a learning disability, but the only school in the area equipped to handle it is a private school. Who will pat for this student to attend private school? The School Board is required under the IDEA Act of 1990 to provide a Free appropriate education to all students.
What does BICS stand for? Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills. BICS is assessed to see whether or not a student is able to communicate with other students at their same level.
Which category of disability classifies a student who has a general mood of depression? Emotional disturbance is a classification based off of a person who has moments of emotionally unstable behavior.
What reading software program can be used to greatly help students who have vision disabilities in a classroom? JAWS (Job Access With Speech)
What term refers to using something such as an electronic reader to help students? Accommodation, an electronic device to help students.
Presenting the most effective form of instruction possible sometimes involves the help of students who are to help other students. What are these helpers called? Peer Aides. Students who help other students in class due to a wide range of reasons.
IDEA requires that an IEP is completed _____ services can be provided to a student. Before
What is a good behavioral strategy for a student with Autism who has difficulty making eye contact and impulsively comments during inappropriate times? Providing a visual menu of appropriate behavior.
Response cost (Consequences in a behavior) is best suited for decreasing what? The incidence of angry outbursts.
Cerebral Palsy is a ___________ disorder that effects motor function and is a result of brain injury during or shortly after birth. Non-degenerative disorder
Selecting articles from local newspapers for students to read is an effective way to expose students with mild retardation to reading that will promote the transition of: Word Attack Skills.
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