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Gym note cards and definitions

FITT Frequency intensity time type
fitness components Cardiorespiratory endurance muscular strength muscular endurance flexibilty body composition
front crawl (5) arms move like wind mills feet flutter kick power comes from the hips index finger enters the water first feet don't have to come out of the water
Back crawl (4) arms go straight back not to the side flutter kick on the back supine position give the extra push at the end with your arm
elementary back stroke (1) monkey air plane soldier
Breast stroke (1) pull breathe kick glide
side stroke (2) scisors kick grab the apple put it in the basket
BMI body mass index
How do you hit a volleyball bump set spike
in square dance, who are the leads the two with their backs to the music
what are some volleyball rules just name some i dont feel like writing the answer for this one
Created by: 18seima