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Chapter 5 The Passion

Golgotha i. Place of the Skull ii. Hill Jesus was Crucified outside city walls
Pentecost The birthday of the church
Ascension i. Rises from the dead 40 days after Easter ii. Thursday Jesus ascends into heaven
Holy Thursday Last Supper & Agony in the Garden happened this day
Caiaphas Jewish high priest & leader of the Sanhedrins
Pilate In charge of Jesus' execution; the Roman in charge
Barabbas i. Freedom fighter fighting against Romans for Jews ii. Romans thought of him as a Roman Murder
Judas i. Betray with kiss ii. Betray Jesus with 30 pieces of silver
Washing the Disciples Feet i. Sign of service ii. A supreme act of humility
Joseph of Arimathea i. Wealthy follower of Jesus ii.Paid Pontius Pilate for Jesus' Body and puts it in his own tomb
Sanhedrin i. the council of Jewish priest and leaders 1) Leader: Caiaphas 2) Charges Jesus with Blasphemy
Blasphemy i. Religious charge ii. Disrespecting God iii. Punishable by death
Holy Week i. Holiest week of the year ii. Starts on palm Sunday
Palm Sunday it starts holy week
Easter the biggest event in the Catholic Calender
The Shroud of Turin Supposedly/many Catholics believe it’s the burial Cloth of Jesus
Saint Peter i. Jesus first pick ii. Nickname: The Rock iii. First Pope iv. Denied Jesus 3 times
Psalm 22 Jesus said this dying on the Cross
Political Factions within Judaism 1. Zealots 2. Essenes 3. Pharisees 4. Sadducees
Zealots a. Rebels (freedom fighters) b. Patriots c. Wanted to fight the Romans and win their freedom
Essenes a. Strictly religious b. Withdrew from Jewish society to observe religious ways c. Dead Sea Scrolls were proof that these people were around
Pharisees a. Popular Among People b. Conservative c. Backed down to Romans when push came to shove
Sadducees a. Nobility b. Clergy c. Collaborators with Romans
What are the 4 Ways Jesus suffered? 1. Physically 2. Mentally 3. Emotionally 4. Spiritually
What is Physical pain? pain related to the body
What is mental pain? a. Pain that happened within yourself b. Fear, anxiety, depression, ect
What is emotionally pain? a. Feeling being hurt b. Excluded, left out, making fun of, ect c. Jesus suffered when people chanted to crucify im
What is being spiritually hurt? a. Feeling of him being alone or disconnected b. Feeling of being lost
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