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employee performance


Orientation an introduction, as to guide one in adjusting to new surroundings.
OSHA the division of Department of labor sets and forces occupationl health and safety rilues
Work Compensation form of insurance providing wage replacement in medical benefits to employees injured the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relnquishment of the employees right to sue his or her employer for the tort negligence
W-4 form cmpleted by and employee to indicate his or her tax situation to the employer, tells the emploer the orrecet amount of tax to withhold from employersd paycheck.
INS Form I-9 used by an employer to verify and employees identity and to establish the worker is eligible to accept an employment in the U.S.
Beneficiary legal recipient of money: somebody entitled to money or property by a will,trust, insurance policy
Pension ritirement py: a fixed amount of money payed regularly to sombody during retirement by the government, a form employer, or and insurance compny
Mission Statement brief description of a companies fundamentals purpose. It answers the questiom,"Why do we exist?"
Mission Statement It articulates the company's both for those in the organization for the public
Vision Statement sometimes called a picture of your company in the future but its so much more that. inspiration, the framework for all strategic planning
Sick Leave paid absence from work allowed an employed because of sickness
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