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200 Drug Names


Actos Pioglitazone Thiazolidinedione
Avandia Rosiglitazone Thiazolidinedione
Glucotrol Glipizide Sulfonylurea
Diabeta, Micronase Glyburide Sulfonylurea
Amaryl Glimepiride Sulfonylurea
Prandin Repaglinide Meglitinide
Starlix Nateglinide Meglitinide
Glyset Miglitol Alpha Glycosidase Inhibitor
Precose Acarbose Alpha Glycosidase Inhibitor
Humalog Lispro Rapid Acting Lnsulin
Lente Insulin Zinc Susp. Intermediate Insulin
Lantus Insulin Glargine Long Acting Insulin
70/30, 50/50, Lispro 75/25 Mixed Insulins Long Acting Insulin
Hydrodiural Hydochlorothiazide Thiazide Diuretic
Lasix Furosemide Loop Diuretic
Aldactone Spinonolactone Potassium Sparing Diuretic
Dyrenium Triamterene Potassium Sparing Diuretic
Neptazane Methazolamide Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor
Imdur, Ismo, Monoket Isosorbide Osmotic Diuretic
Dyazide, Maxzide HCTZ/Triamterene Misc
Coreg Carvediol Non specific Beta Blocker
Tenormin Atenolol Beta 1 Specific Blocker
Lopressor, Toprol XL Metoprolol Beta 1 Specific Blocker
Procardia, Adalat Nifedipine CA Channel Blocker
Cardizem LA Diltiazem CA Channel Blocker
Calan, Verelan, Isoptin Verapamil CA Channel Blocker
Lotensin Benazapril ACE Inhibitor
Prinivil, Zestril Lisinopril ACE Inhibitor
Diovan Valsartan Angiotensin Receptor Antagonists
Flomax Tamsulosin Alpha Adrenergic Blocker
Catapres Clonidine Centrally Acting HTN
Anti-Arrythmics Blockers
Norpace Disopyramide Sodium Channel Blocker
Tambocor Flecainide Sodium Channel Blocker
Xylocaine Lidocaine Sodium Channel Blocker
Mexitil Mexilitine Sodium Channel Blocker
Pronestyl, Procan SR or Pracanbid Procaineamide Sodium Channel Blocker
Quinidex, Quineglute Quinidine Sodium Channel Blocker
Rhythmol Propafenone Potassium Channel Blocker
Cordarone Amiodarone Potassium Channel Blocker
CA Channel & Beta Blocker
Various Brands Nitroglycerin Organic Nitrate
Isordil, Sorbitrates Isosobide Dinitrate Organic Nitrate
Plendil Felodipine Calcium Channel Blocker
Norvasc Amlodipine Calcium Channel Blocker
Inderal Propranolol Non Specific Beta Blocker
Sectral Acebutolol Beta 1 Specific Blocker
Glucophage Metformin Sodium Channel Blocker
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