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Joe McMahon

Secondary Economic Activities

What are the 8 factors influencing location of industry? Labour force, Markets, Transport Facilities, Raw Materials, Services, Capital, Government/EU Policy, Personal Preference.
What are the 4 types of industry? Heavy Industry, Light Industry, Multinational Corporation and Footloose Industry
How has gender equality laws, led to a change of the role in women in a developed country? Women have been given equal status as men in the workforce
What are the three main groups of industrial development? Industrialised regions, Newly-Industrialised Regions, Industrially-emergent regions
What are 2 effects caused by acid rain? Acid rain can wash nutrients from the soil, which stops crops from growing which means farmers have to use more fertilisers. Cities can be damaged because the chemicals in the acid rain damage old buildings wear away the stone.
What are 2 solutions to acid rain? Use more renewable sources such as solar and wind power and use natural gas instead of coal in power stations because it is a cleaner fuel.
How does labour force influence the location of industry? Factories need to be built in places where there are enough workers, like towns and cities. Factories need different type of workers e.g. unskilled workers and skilled workers.
Explain a newly industrialised region? Cheap labour means that more and more multinational companies are outsourcing production to these countries many products like shoes, clothes and electronics are made in these countries
What is an industrialised region? All of these countries have become industrialised since the Industrial Revolution. Labour costs are generally high in these countries and all industrialised regions are developed countries.
How has the cost of living changed the role of women in Ireland? With the increase in general cost of living it has meant both parents now have to work to cover the costs.
Created by: JasmineDuffy