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Psychology Midterm 1

Questions from Wiley Plus Chapters 1-9

psychology is... the science of behavior and mental processes
levels of analysis in psychology? All thoughts and behaviors occur at all three levels simultaneously.
Greek philosopher ________correctly identified the brain as the organ of mental life Hippocrates
_________ believed that the brain was of minor importance. Aristotle
In which of the goals of psychology were the structuralists most interested? description
Which statement best captures Freud's view of the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious minds? The conscious and unconscious minds are often in conflict.
behavioral perspective emphasizes observable behavior and objectivity
A cultural psychologist would describe American culture as ___________ and would describe Chinese culture as _________. individualistic; collectivist
order of stages in the three-stage memory model, from first to last? sensory memory --> working memory --> long-term memory (S.W.L)
For encoding to occur, individuals need to focus on environmental stimuli. This "focus" refers to what cognitive process? attention
how many digets can you repeat using working memory up to 7
Multiple choice test is to essay test as ________ is to ________. recognition; recall
What does the forgetting curve discovered by Ebbinghaus tell us about the way we forget material over time? Most forgetting happens immediately after we learn material; the rate of forgetting slows down as time goes by.
Which subcortical structure in the brain is especially important for consciousness? thalamus
Information of which you are currently unaware but which you can bring to mind quite easily is said to be in the ___________. preconscious
Freud suggested that most of one's personal knowledge is contained in the _______. unconscious
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