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Lesson 7 Vocab fbp


Beseech v. to ask earnestly; to beg
Consternation n. Amazement or fear that makes one feel confused
Delectable adj. Pleasing to the senses, especially to the sense of taste; delicious
Garland n. a wreath or chain of leaves and flowers
Gratify v. 1. to please or satisfy 2. to give in to what is wanted or requested
Haughty adj. showing too much pride in oneself and scorn or contempt for others
Impetuous adj. inclined to act without thinking; hasty
Lavish adj. 1. Much more than enough 2. very costly v. to give freely or generously
Pluck v. 1. to pull off or out; to pick 2. to remove the feathers from 3. to pull at and let go n. courage; bravery
Ponder v. to think about; to consider carefully
Privilege n. a special favor, right, or advantage given to a person or group
Prostrate adj. 1. lying flat 2. lying facedown, especially to show respect 3. completely overcome; weak and helpless
Rapture n. a state of great joy, delight, or love
Revelry n. Noisy merrymaking
Whim n. a sudden wish to do something without a particular reason; a fanciful idea
Created by: C00kie M0nster
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