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BA33:HR:Chapter 8

Cross-Cultural Relations and Diversity

cultural sensitivity willingness to know cultural customs
cultural intelligence (CQ) ability to interpret behavior
CQ consists of? (3) (hint: think of a person) the body, cognitive, emotional and motivational
The body of CQ refers to? physical cultural customs
the cognitive of CQ refers to? learning more about culture
the emotional and motivational of CQ refers to? heart, adapting with confidence
differences in cultural values (9) (1) performance (2)assertiveness (3)timing (4) humane (5)in-group collectivism (6)gender egalitarianism (7)acceptance of authority (8)work orientation (9)social support
performance orientation encouragement of performance and improvement
assertiveness degree of assertive, confrontational, aggressive in relationships
time orientation importance of time
humane orientation being fair, caring, kind
in-group collectivism pride, loyalty to organization
gender egalitarianism minimize gender inequality
acceptance of power/authority expectance of distribution of power
work orientation time investments in work
social support seeking degree of seeking help from others
cultural training learning experiences to help understand customs
bloopers is another word for? offense
ways around communication barriers? be sensitive, respect, clear communication, proper etiquette, sensitivity to differences, pronounce names correctly
Created by: Rose_Marie