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Pharm Unit 16

Pharm - Unit 16 Nicotinic Antagonists SPC

The Somatic Nevous System deals with? Skeletal muscle
How many receptor are there? 1 the Nicotinic II
What is the neurotransmitter? ACh
What enyzme terminates the neuro message and allows for repolorization? Acetylcholinesterase
Peripheral Acting Drugs Given IV, dose dependant, interferes with N2 receptors
What are the Non-depolorizing blocker (longer lasting)characteristics? Act as antagonist, onset 3-5 min, duration 20-30 min, used for long term paralysis, IV driptitrated to minimally dose pt
Non-depolorizing Meds Most common is Vercuronium bromide (Norcuron)- few cardio side effects
What are the depolorizing (short lasting) characteristics? Stimulate the N2 receptor and then blocks it causes twitching, short acting, can cause malignanthyperthermia
With Depolorizing Meds, ALWAYS? Give analgesics and sedate, eyes moist, allow partial reversal every 24 hours
Used depolorizing meds for? Intubation
Always remember with paralysis? Patient can hear, taste, smell, feel, can not speak or move
What is the purpose of the Train of Four? To assess the degree of paralysis
How do anticholinesterase meds effect the skeletal muscles? Muscles relax and are ready to contract again. They are the antidote for nondepolorizing agents. Promote muscle contraction. Better muscle response.
What is Myastenia Gravis? Weakness of the muscles, tx by using anticholinesterase meds, top to bottom
What is Tensilon (edrophonium)? Short acting used in diagnosis of myasthenia gravis. pt shows temporary improvement in strength
What is Meds are used for maintenance of Myasthenia gravis? Prostigmine (neostigmine), Mestinon (pyridostigmine), Eserine (physostigmine)
Under dose results in? myasthenia crisis, they become weak, get worse
Over dose results in? cholinergic crisis, they become weak, get worse
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