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offtime time they had off
What did the slaves do with thier land? they grew grops and had live stock
How could slaves get a day off? work double time
2 task holiday doubled work
weekend pass could leave for the weekend
When slaves left the farm what did they have to get before ruturning? thier ticket singed
courting dating
On sundays was there always church? no
What did they doon sunday? went to owners house and had foot races, hourse races, hunt and fish
On christmas how many days did they have off? 3
what did they do on christmas? went singing
piaza large porch
Were weddings common around christmas? yes
What was the mixture of slaves religoin? chritianity,african belives,voodo
did slaves have stronge belives in after death? yess
conjures medician man, cast spells and curses
Did slaves belive in ghosts? yes
a haunt spirit of the dead to trouble the living
the hagg disimbodied from a witch who sheds her skin adnd rides people at night
plat-eye shape changing spirit
religious meetings very long and very lively
did the owners want the slaves to read the bible? no
What wzaS the main way of communicating? storey telling
trickster tales not just for entertain ment, describes the slaves world and to educate and inspire the little slaves,teach how to behave
What were the most common trickster tale deal with? animals are given person characturistics
In TT what were the small and weak? smart and sly and get the best of the bigger ones
Was the trickster ever tricked? yes
IN TT was in the main focus? food and the trickster punish ment
Slave john tales john against omasa,shows how the slave owners fortins ties together
Do slve rales begin like fairy tales? yes
What did slave storeys point out? how things were suppose to be
What did slaves think their owners were thiefes
What did the ownerzs think of the slaves? ingnorant,care free,child like
Gullah own languege not being poorly taught how to speak
What were inportant in gullah? tones,spoken not writen, different for today gullah
GULLAH PORNOUNS 'e= he ,it , she
gullah plurals 'em=them
Where pronouns more complex than verbs? yes
pidgin a second languge for two or more groups of people who speak different languges
creole a pidgin languegs passed on to a second generation as thier native languege
When you start to write gullah does it become more complex? YES, becomes closer and closer to english
naming children the power to name children means you own them
Created by: morgan23