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Filtration Study Sheet

Define filtration. Process of eliminating undesirable low-energy x-ray photons by insertion of absorbing materials into the primary beam.
What is another name for filtration? Hardening the beam.
Define filter. Any material designed to selectively absorb photons from the x-ray beam.
What is the most common filter used (material): Aluminum
How is filtration expressed? (2 methods) Aluminum equivalency (Al/Eq) and Half-value layer (HVL)
Define half-value layer. Amount of absorbing material that will reduce the intensity of the primary beam to one-half of its original value.
What are the 5 types of filtration? Added, Compound, Compensation, Total Filtration, Inherent
What is total filtration? Filtration that is equal to the sum of inherent and added filtration. (2.5mm Al Eq)
Define inherent filtration. Filtration that is a result of the composition of the tube and housing.
Define added filtration. Any filtration occurring outside the tube and housing and before the image receptor.
Materials for added filtration are selected to absorb as many ___ energy photons as possible. Low
Typically _______ Al Eq is added to added filtration. 2.0mm
Compound filtration uses ______ that complement one another. two or more materials
What is another name for compound filters? K-Edge filters
Compound filtration places the ______ compound closest to the tube. highest
Give an example of compound filtration. Thoreaus filter
What is the purpose of compensating filtration? It is designed to solve a problem involving unequal subject densities.
What are the two most popular compensating filters? Wedge and trough
How are compensating filters designed? They are designed so that the thicker portion of the filters are matched up with the less dense parts of the body.
Created by: rad1958tech