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Beam Restriction

Beam Restriction Study Sheet

What is the best way(s) to reduce the amount of scatter reaching the film? By restricting the x-ray beam and by using a grid.
What 2 factors affect the amount of scatter radiation produced? kVp and irradiated material (patient thickness)
Name the 4 types of beam restrictors. Aperture diaphragm, cones, cylinders, and collimators (ACCC)
What is another name for automatic collimators? Positive beam limitation devices (PBL)
X-ray beam and light should coincide within ___ of SID. 2%
The principal factors that affect the amount of scatter produced are? Kilovotage and the irradiated material
As kilovotage increase, the percentage of x-rays that undergo a Compton interaction __________ and the percentage of photons that undergo photoelectric absorption _________. Increases, decreases
The total number of photons that undergo interaction __________ with increased kVp. Decreases
When the beam is restricted, _______ scatter radiation will reach the IR, and as a result, technical factors may need to be ________. Less, increased
Cones and cylinders are most commonly employed in radiography of the ________, _______, ___________, and ____________. Skull, spine, gallbladder, breast
_________ _________ ____________ devices are automatic collimators that use sensing devices to activate collimator shutters into proper position. Positive beam limitation
Higher atomic number materials attenuate a ________ percentage of the beam than low atomic number materials. Greater
__________ is the quantity of matter per unit of volume measured in kilograms per cubic meter. Density
________ __________ is the degree of differential absorption resulting from the differing absorption characteristics of the tissues in the body. Subject contrast
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