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RAD #5

quality control tests specific tests that are used to maintain and monitor dental x-ray equiptment, supplies, and film processing
Kinds of quality control tests dental x-ray machines, dental x-ray film, screens and cassetttes, darkroom lighting, processing solutions
Quality administration procedures description of plan, assignment of duties, monitoring of schedule, maintanence schedule, record keeping logs, evaluation and revision plan, in-service traning
quality control tests for dental x-ray machines x-ray output teat, focal spot test, collimation-bean alignemnt test, half-value layer test, tubehead stability test, timer test, milliamperage test, kilovoltage test
who can calibrate dental x-ray equiptment? qualified technician
who can perform annual tests? dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, service rep.
PAN film should be exposed to what mA's,kVp, and impulses for a cleaning film? 10mA, 70kVp, and 15 impulses
How far away do you check the film? 6 feet
what is the most critical area in quality control? film processing
how often should the darkroom be checked for light-tightness? every 6 months
how far should the film be placed from the safelight? 4 feet
how long is the coin exposed to the safelight? 3-4 minutes
how often is processing equiptment maintained? Daily
how often should the solutions be replaced? 3-4 weeks
what are ways to check developer strength? reference radiograph, stepwedge radiograpg, normalizing device
when fixer is full strength, how long does it take to clear the film? 2 minutes
basic elements of the quality control administration program include? description of the plan, assignmentd of duties, monitoring of schedule, maintenance of schedule, record-keeping log, plan for evaluation and revision, in-service traning
who is responsible for all dental radipgraphs, regardless of who actually exposes them? the dentist
what is the most important use of dental radiographs? detection
skills that promote good relationships between individuals are termed? interpersonal skills
what is a crucial interpersonal skill? communication
what are important nonverbal communication skills? posture, body movement, eye contact
what can the dental radiographer use to educate the patient? oral presentation, printed literature, or a combo of both
3 common types of radipgraph exams that use intraoral film are? periapical examination, interproximal examination, occlusal examination
periapical exam is used to what? examine the entire tooth and supporting bone
interproximal examination is used to what? examine the crowns of both maxillary and mandibular teeth on a single film
occlusal film is used to what? examine large areas if the maxilla and mandible on one film
tooth-bearing areas are? areas that on the maxilla and mandible where the 32 teeth of the human dentition are normally located.
external radipgraphic examination is what? exam of large areas of the skull of jaws
precipitating factors respondible for initiating the gag reflex inculde? psychogenic stimuli, tactile stimuli
to effectivly manage a person with a hypersensative gag reflex, radiographer must be aware of... operator attitude, patient and equiptment preparations, exposure sequencing, film placement and technique, helpful hints for preventing the gag reflex
of all film placements, which one is the most likely to cause a gag reflex? maxillary molar
do not slide the film along what? the palate
is the patient do what, the gag reflex ceases? breathes
films for the primary dentition (3 to 6 years) 1 occlusal max. film-size 2, 1 occlusal mand. film-size 2, 2 bitewings-size 0, 2 PA's max. molar-size 0, 2 PA's mand. molar-size 0
films for the transisional dentition (7 to 12 years) 3 PA's max. anterior-size 1, 3 PA's mand. anterior-size 1, 2 bitewings-size 1 or 2, 2 PA's max. molar-size 1 or 2, 2 PA's mand. molar-size 1 or 2
why does an edentulus patient need x-rays? to detect the presence of root tips, impacted teeth, and lesions; to identify objects embedded in bone, to establish the position of normal anatomic landmarks relative to the crest of alveolar ridge
what is the most common way to examine the edentulus jaw? a PAN x-ray
if a PAN can not be taken what else can be used? 14 PA's (6 anterior and 8 posterior) can be taken
what technique should be used to take x-rays during a root canal? paralleling technique
true, false? For quality control purposes, each new box of unopened film should be tested for film freshness and for before used. true
after processing, fresh film that has been properly stored and protected will appear clear with a slight blue tint
after performing the film-scren contact test, a wire mesh image of uniform density appears. these results indicate: adequate film-screen contact
when functioning properly, a viewbox should emit a uniform and brilliant light. false
the coin test is used to check? proper safelighting
a refrence radiograph is used to check what? strength of the developer solution
the clearing test is used to monitor? fixer strength
true, false? skills that promote a good relationship between individuals are termed faciliation skills false
informed consent is based on the concept that a patient revieves: complete disclosure
the process of informing the patient about the particulars of exposing dental radiographs is termed: disclosure
the right to self-determination means that the patient has the right to consent or refuse treatment: true
improper exposure to dental radiographs may result in: malpractice
it is best to retain dental records for 6 years false
the central ray in the bisecing technique sould be: 90 degrees to in imaginary bisector
the distance between the film and the tooth in the bisecing technique should be: as close to the toot as possible
the lingual cusp of the first premolar usually obscures the distal contact of the canine in this shot. maxillary canine exposure
anterior films are always placed? vertically
posterior films are always placed? horizontally
the incisal or occlusal edge of the film must extend approximately how far? 1/8 inch beyond teeth
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