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Vocab lesson 13-14

13-14 vocab

inerst unable to act or move
circumvent to get around; to bypass
acquit to find not guilty of a fault or crime
clandestine secret
deprecate to express strong disapproval of
barrister lawyer (British)
adulation excessive praise or admiration
culinary having to do with the kitchen or cooking
bawdy indecent; humorously obscene
chastise to punish severly
joscose joking; humorous
myraid a very large number; too numerous to be counted
latent present, but not active; hidden
pernicious destructive; deadly
frugal thrifty; economical in money matters
levity lightness of deposition; lack of seriousness
hoax a practical joke; a trick
amicable friendly; peaceful
obstreperous aggressively boisterous; stubborn and defiant
enraptured delighted beyond measure
martial having to do with marraige
bask to expose oneself to pleasant warmth
genial friendly; amiable
charlatan one who pretends to have knowledge in order to swindle others
mundane commonplace; earthly and not spiritual
fickle likely to change on a whim or without apparent reason
juggernaut a terrible destructive or irresistible force.
naive unsophisticated
nocturnal having to do with night; occurring at night
novice a beginner; one who is inexperienced
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