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Stack #171402

Who is the Father of X-rays? Wilhem C. Roentgen
Who was the first to Expose dental radiographs? A. Walcoff
What does PID stand for? Positioning Indicating Device
What does BID stand for? Bisecting Indicating Device
Name the 4 types of film? pariapicals, bitewings, panoramic and cephalometric.
Name the x-ray properties? Invisible, travel straight lines.Speed of light,no mass or weight.No charge.Penetrate opaque tissue and structures.Affect photo film emulsion.Affect biological tissue.
What are the two forms of ionization radiation? Electro magnetic and particulate.
Do we use Hard of Soft radiation? Hard.
What do AMPs control? Quantity and Darkness
What do Kvp's control? Quality and Sharpness
Where is the step down transformer located? Cathode and AMPs
Where is the step up transformer located? Anode and Kvps
What are the 3 conditions for an X-ray? 1) source of free-electrons2) increase of voltage for spd. (kvp)3) target to stop electrons (Brems effect)
What are the 5 rules of Shadow Casting? 1)Small focal spot.2)long target-object distance3)short object-film distance4)Parallel relationship between object-film5)Perpendicular relationship between central ray and object
When is the cell most susceptible to radiation injury? During Mitosis
What does the law of B & T state? That actively dividing cells are more susceptible or sensitive than those that divide slowly.
What is the most susceptible cell? WBCs
What is the least susceptible cell? teeth
Which is more susceptible, connective tissue or Brain Cells? Connective tissue
What did the Dose Response Curve lead to? ALARA
Name protective Measures for radiation? 1. lead apron/thyroid collar2. collimator3. aluminum filter4. fast film5. proper safety techniques
When exposed, how much of the body recovers within 24 hours. 75%
What does LD 50/30 mean? Kill 50% of population within 30 days
What does ARS mean? Acute radiation syndrome
What is the purpose of the collimator and what size is it? To reduce scatter radiation and 2.75 in.
Name the 3 Operator protective measures? DistanceBarriersfocal spot
What is the purpose of the lead foil on film? To prevent scattered radiation and to make sure the film is exposed on the correct side.
What is the minimum distance from the working area a safe light should be placed? 4 feet
What watts should the safe light bulb be? 7.5 - 15 watts
For patient protection, what is required? 1.Small focal spot2.Proper film processing & handling3.Proper technique4.lead protection5.film speed6.Correct kvp7.Correct timer8.Correct MAs9.filtration10. collimator11.if xray won't change diagnosis,dont take it.12.no routine xrays13. examine to determi
What are KVPs for? (3 things) Contrast, sharpness, quality (high voltage tr)
What are MAs for? (3 things) Density, darkness, quantity (low voltage tr)
What are components of the developer? Hydroquinone (Black)Elon (gray)
What is the main component of the fixer? Ammonium thiosulfate or Sodium thiosulfate
What is the MPD for healthworkers and the public? Health Workers, 50 mSvPublic 5 mSv
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