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European Geography

chapters 1-6

Why did Europe succeed? Topography, distribution of Resources, continental layout (East-West), Location to (water, ideas), Climate
Sometimes Europe is called? "Peninsula of Peninsulas"
4 Major influences on European Climate Arctic Ocean/ Seas, Eurasia landmass, Sahara Desert/ Mediterranean Sea System, Atlantic Ocean
With concerns of climate, Western Europe can be considered? "Continental"
With concerns of climate, Eastern Europe can be considered? "Maritime"
What is Continentality? When locations inland from oceans are too far from moderating/moistening effects of oceans. More Extreme temperatures.
Europe's Climate Classification Most of West/South Europe is "C" climate: humid temperate. Eastern Europe: "D" climate. Arctic regions: "E" climate: Polar
Ice Ages: Surges of cold during which glaciers expand (Glaciation), separated by warmer phases when ice recedes (Interglacial)
The types of streets that the Romans brought to Europe, famous for their East-West, North-South straight lines? Decumanus, Cardo
The EU has how many official languages? 24
The biggest religious group in Europe? Catholicism
What is the waves of forces Jewish migration? Diaspora
What is the Demographic Transition Model and who came up with it? Thomas Malthus, at the beginning high birth and death rates, low total population, over time this switches to have low birth and death rates because of technologies and knowledge with high populations
what has the 5th stage of the Demographic Transition Model shown us? that Europe's birth rate has fallen below the death rate, going below replacement rate.
What are two main issues with population in Europe? An ageing Europe and Immigration
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