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Stack #171270

Bobbin Round metal spool that holds the bottom thread in place.
Bobbin Case Holds bobbin and regulates bottom thread tension as stitches are formed.
Bobbin Winder Allows you to fill a bobbin automatically
Face Plate Protects pressure dial and may contain upper thread chart.
Feed Dogs Moves fabric under the presser foot as stitches are formed.
Hand Wheel Controls up and down motion of the thread take-up lever, thread, and needle.
Needle Clamp Holds needle in position.
Presser Foot Holds fabric in place.
Presser Foot Lifter Raises and lowers the presser foot.
Reverse Control Permits machine to stitch backwards.
Slide or Lift Plate Covers bobbin case
Spool Pins Holds upper thread
Stitch Length Regulator Sets length of the stitches
Stitch Width Control Sets width of the stitches
Tension Control Regulates pressure on the threads.
Thread-take-up Lever Controls the thread as it flows through the needle.
Throat Plate Provides a smooth surface for sewing and provides stitching guidelines.
Do not _________ ___________ in chairs. lean back
Keep you personal space ________ and _______. neat and clean
No _________ ____________ or _____________ may be done at home. You may rip out stitching, pin, press, stuff, or hand sew things that are to be hand sewn at home if you feel it is necessary to complete your project on time. machine sewing or cutting
Sewing supplies and equipment are to be used for their ______________ purposes and not to be ____________. intended... abused
You must do your ___________ work. own
Cost of a lost bobbin $1.50
Cost of a broken or lost bobbin case $65.00
Look over your machine ___________ you begin sewing so you may report any previous damage before you are blamed for it. before
Return your __________ case at the end of each class period. bobbin
Perform assigned ________ _________ each day for participation points (sweep, stack chairs, etc.) cleaning chore
Listen closely to directions and read instructions ____________ starting projects and class work. before
In order to receive ___________ __________ for each day you must do the assigned activity. participation points
There are 3 tests and assignments that MUST be complete with passing grades before you may begin your sewing projects. What are they? Sewing machine & rules test, machine threading demonstration, sewing practice papers
Created by: tracy.kathryn
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