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Stack 4Dr.BuddyAsia

Acia Landand water

plateaus raised areas of level land bordered on oneor more sides by steep slopesor cliffs
fertile soil is capable of supporting abundant plant growth
archipelago group of islands
population density average number of people living in a square mile
1.5 billion people live in China,Mongolia, Koreas, Taiwan, and Japan (East Asia)
China has ___________ landforms mountains, highlands,wide plateaus and wide plains
Other countries narrow plains, mountainous
Mongolia wide plains and platesua, mountainous
Himalayas highast mountains in the world
Plateau of Tibet huge highland area north of Himalayas
mountains & deserts 2/3 of China's land
Gobi northernmost desert on Earth
North china Plain covered with Loess that was deposited from Chang and Huang rivers
Created by: laxingfamily