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Pharm Unit 14

Pharm - Unit 14 Glucocorticoids SPC

What are Glucocorticoids? Steriods used to treat inflammation. Interferes with all stages of inflammation.
What are the three differences in Glucocorticoids? 1. Cost 2. Side-effects 3. Potency
Glucocorticoids alter? The metabolism of Carbs and Protein. Promotes storage of Carbs
Where are glucocorticoids stored? Adrenal Glands(above Kidneys)
How do glucocorticoids effect beta receptors? Prolong the activity, enhance # of beta receptors(upregulation), and enhances the affinity of beta agonist to beta receptor
What are the methods of administration? PO, topical(by any route), IM, IV, inhalationInhalation = low freq. and lower dose, works faster
3 pharmakonetics? Effect take hours, minimum dose reqired, dose and time interval is speculative
What is the purpose of alternative day therapy? Minimize side effects
What are side effects noted with long term use? Fat deposits, abnormal hair growth, muscle atrophy, aseptic necrosis(degradation of large bones), metabolic alkalosis(COPD), high blood sugar, mood swings, anger
What are some problems with inhaled steroids? Oral fungus disease(rinse after tx) and bronchospasm
What are the recommendation for inahlation of steroids? Larger volume spacer, rinse, fastr acting pre-broncodilator tx, minimal dosing Adults - <800mcg/dayKids <400mcg/day
DPI steroids? Beclovent, Vanceril, Pulmicort
Systemic meds? Solu-cortef, prenisone, solu-medrol
How are steroids metabolized and excreted? Metabolized in the liver and excreted by the kidneys
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