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Chapter 6

Hayden: Human Systems

Market Economy System where people choose freely what to buy or sell
Command Economy System where the government decides what to make, where to make it, and how much it costs
Capitalism System where business and industries are privately owned
Communism System where the government owns or controls all means of production
Developed Countries Countries with high standards of living and high levels of industry
Developing Countries Countries with less productive economies and low standards of living
Urbanization Growth in the proportion of people living in towns and cities
Subsistence Agriculture A method of farming where food is grown by a family for its own needs
Pastoralism Subsistence agriculture involving herding animals
Agribusiness Operation of specialized commercial farms for more efficiency and profits
Nationalism The feeling of pride and loyalty to one's country or cultural group
Natural Boundaries Boundaries that follow a landform
Cultural Boundaries Boundaries based on cultural traits
Geometric Boundaries Boundaries that follow geometric patterns
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