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HAM Radio UT 07.2014

Utah Test July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014

T1A03 (P 57) Which part of the FCC regulations contains the rules governing the Amateur Radio Service? Part 97
T1F03 (P 39) When is an amateur station required to transmit its assigned call sign? At least every 10 minutes during and at the end of a communication.
T8C08 (P 40) What is required in place of on-air station identification when sending signals to a radio control model using amateur frequencies? A label indicating the licensee's name, call sign and address must be affixed to the transmitter.
T8C07 (P 40) What is the maximum power allowed when transmitting telecommand signals to radio controlled models? 1 Watt
T1C12 (P 41) Who may select a desired call sign under the vanity call sign rules? Any licensed amateur
T1C01 (P 42) Which type of call sign has a single letter in both its prefix and suffix? Special Event.
T1C14 (P 43) Who may select a vanity call sign for a club station? Only the person named as trustee on the club station license grant.
T1B01 (P 45) What is the ITU? A United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues.
T1B12 (P46) Why are frequency assignments for U.S. Stations operating maritime mobile not the same everywhere in the world? Amateur frequency assignments can vary among the three ITU regions.
T1C03 (P 47) What types of international communications are permitted by an FCC-licensed amateur station? Communications incidental to the purpose of the amateur service and remarks of a special character.
T1F07 (P 47)Which of the following restrictions apply when a non-licensed person is allowed to speak to a foreign station using a station under the control of a Technician Class control operator? The foreign stations must be one with which the U.S. has a third party.
T1F11 (P 48) To which foreign stations do the FCC rules authorize the transmission of non-emergency third party communications? Any station whose government permits such communications.
T1C04 (P 48) When are you allowed to operate your amateur station in a foreign country? When the foreign country authorizes it.
T1C06 (P 49) From which of the following locations may an FCC-licensed amateur station transmit, in addition to places where the FCC regulates communications? From any vessel or craft located in international waters and documented or registered in the United States.
T1D02 (P 49) On which of the following occasions may an FCC-licensed amateur station exchange messages with a U.S. military station? During an Armed Forces Day Communications Test.
T1E01 (P 51)
Created by: SLCC SAT
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