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Internal Capsule

At the point information is traveling through the internal capsule, it is really traveling through _______ rather than tracts. Bundles
The five bundles of information that run through the internal capsule are the ___, ____, ____, ____, & ___. Thalamocortical (afferent), Corticothalamic, Corticospinal, Corticobulbar, Corticopontine
What are the 5 division of the internal capsule? Anterior Limb, Posterior Limb, Genu, Retrolenticular part, Sublenticular part
The anterior limb carries information from anterior nucleus to where? Carries information from the Anterior nucleus of the thalamus →Cingulate gyrus
What type of information does the anterior limb carry from the anterior nucleus? Attention, emotions, and memory
The anterior limb carries information from the dorsomedial nucleus to where? Carries information from the Dorsomedial nucleus of the thalamus→Prefrontal cortex
What type of information does the anterior limb carry from the dorsomedial nucleus? Memory, affect, foresight and goal-directed behavior
The anterior limb carries _____ fibers from the Frontal lobe --> _______ pons. Carries frontopontine fibers from the Frontal lobe→Ipsilateral pons
The posterior limb carries information from the VA and VL to where? (2 places) Carries information from the VA and VL→Premotor and Primary motor cortex
What type of information is carried from the VA and Vl to the premotor and primary motor cortex? Motor information that originated in the cerebellum and basal ganglia
The posterior limb also carries information from the ____ and _____ --> to the brainstem and SC. Carries corticospinal and corticobulbar fibers→Brainstem and SC
The posterior limb also carris information from the VPL and VPM --> ____ ____ ____. Carries information from the VPL and VPM→Primary somatosensory cortex
The genu division of the internal capsule carries what additional type of fibers, connecting what structures? Additional frontopontine fibers and fibers connecting VA and VL with the Premotor and Primary motor cortex
The retrolenticular part of the internal capsule carries information from the pulvinar/LP <-> what? Pulvinar/LP ↔ Parieto-occipital-temporal Association cortex
Information carried in the retrolenticular division from the Pulvinar/ LP <-> parieto-occipital-temporal association cortex helps us with what? Sensory integration
The retrolenticular division also carries information from the ___ ____ nucleus --> primary visual cortex? This is also called what? Lateral geniculate nucleus→Primary visual cortex. Optic radiation
The retrolenticular division also has ____ fibers going from the parietal lobe --> ____? Corticopontine fibers, Parietal lobe→Pons
The sublenticular fibers are continuos with the _____ fibers so you cannot tease them out visually. Retrolenticular
Like the retrolenticular division, the sublenticular division carries information from the lateral geniculate nucleus --> ___ ___ ___, which is also called the ____ ____. Lateral geniculate nucleus→Primary visual cortex, Optic radiation
Unlike the retrolenticular division, the sublenticular division carries information from the medial geniculate nucleus --> ___ ___ ___. Medial geniculate nucleus→Primary auditory cortex
What is the primary blood supply to the internal capsule? Primarily the Middle Cerebral Artery - lateral striate and anterior choroidal artery - some blood from the anterior cerebral and the anterior communicating arteries
With a lesion to the posterior limb, what deficits may you see? (1) Remember there are:Corticospinal and corticobulbar fibers… and 2) Somatosensory fibers (1) Spastic paralysis, CN dysfunction (2) Hemianesthesia
If there was a lesion to the sublenticular or retrolenticular division you may see deficits such as ____ ____. Contralateral hemianopsia
An interruption to the blood supply of the thalamus and internal capsule would cause? (1) contralateral sensory dysfunction, contralateral motor dysfunction, and emotional/behavioral issues
What is thalamic syndrome and what defecits would you see? (1) contralateral hemiparesis due to interruption of the corticospinal tract in the Posterior Limb, (2) thalamic pain due to spinothalamic, VPL/VPM damage (3) sensory ataxia due to medial lemniscus damage, VPL/VPM
Created by: txst fall 2008



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