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Rube Goldberg Vocabulary

Block and Tackle An arrangement of pulleys and cables to make the lifting and lowering of very heavy loads easier.
Cam A device used to change rotary motion into either reciprocating or oscillating motion.
Effort The energy we put into machines to produce work.
Follower A device which follows the movement of a cam. The way it moves and the distance it moves depends on the shape of the cam.
Friction A force of resistance which is encountered when two things rub together or move over one another.
Fulcrum The fixed point upon which a lever pivots.
Lever Consist of a beam that can rotate about a fixed point called a fulcrum or pivot.
Lever 1st Class Here the pivot is in the middle with the effort being applied on one side and the load on the other.
Lever 2nd Class Here the pivot is at one side with the effort is applied at the other side. The load is in the middle.
Lever 3rd Class Here the pivot is at one side and the effort is applied in the middle. The load is at the other side.
Load That which is to be lifted/carried/moved etc. by the application of an effort.
Mechanism A way of turning one kind of force into another kind of force-the parts of a machine that enable it to perform its function.
Pulley A wheel with a groove around its circumference.
Winch A device for winding string/rope/cable etc. in or out.
Winder The part of the winch mechanism which allows you to turn it, usually involving a handle which is offset from the central axle of the winch.
Created by: jackwellman
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