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Review of data 1

Review of data

When performing nasal intubation, the respiratory care practitioner will need to have all of the following available EXCEPT: Stylette
You are administering an intermittent postive pressure breathing (IPPB) treatment to a PT with pnumonia.The pressure-cycled ventilator is not reaching the pre-set pressure of 20 cmH20 and fails to cycle off. Cause of problem Leak in Breathing circuit
A PT is recieving 60% oxygen at a flow of 8 LPM via a large volume nebulizer and aerosol mask. The PT inspiratory flowrate is 35 LPM. Which of the following should the therapist recommend? Use two nebulizers at a flow of 10 LPM each
A PT is being discharged from the hospital. The physcian has ordered portable oxygen therapy at home. The PT has been instructed to use the oxygen at 1-2 LPM during the day and PRN at night. Which of the following should the therapist recommend Liquid system
A PT is receiving CPAP thearapy and the pressure is fluctuating between +5 and -8 cmh20. What should the therapist do to stablize the CPAP therapy? increase the flowrate
All of the following would be associated with the presence of a pneumothorax EXCEPT? Dull Percussion
A PT is suspected of having a pleural effussion. Before performing a thoracentesis, What should the therapist recommend? lateral decubitus chest radiograph
A PT is observed to have a increase respiratory rate and depth of breathing.Their breath has a fruit-like aroma. This would most likely be associated with: metabolic acidosis
A chest x-ray shows increased retro-sternal air,flat hemidaphram, decreased movement, and no vascular markings on right side. These signs would be associated with: Pneumothorax
All of the following would be appropriate goals for a pulmonary rehablition program for a COPD PT EXCEPT: improved resting blood gasses
As you enter a PT room you find the PT slumped over in bed. The PT is unresponsive apnic. You would now. continue CPR
A PT is being ventilated with a chest cuirass. The aterial blood gasses show a rising PaCO2 and a decreasing PaO2. To help return the blood values to a normal level, the therapist should increase the: negative pressure
An Adult PT is reciving continuous volume ventilation. The peak inspiratory pressure is fluctuating between 60 and 70 cmH20. Which of the following would you recommend at this time? pressure control ventilation
A PT in the intensive care unit is suffering left heart failure. Which of the following druges will increase the strength of contaction and improve cardiac output? ditalis
post-op PT is recieiving continuous volume control ventilation via a microprocessor ventilator. difficulty removing secrections when suctioning. Pt 85 kg (187lbs),oral intubated sz 9.0 ID Vacuum 90 torr, suction being used sz 14 Fr. The therapist should increase the vacuum level
Created by: Cam1228
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