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Pharm Quiz 7

Pharmacology Quiz 7

oral hygiene with subgingval calculus removal can produce... ageusia
if on calcium channel blockers check for... gingival enlargememnt
if on diuretics, check for symptoms of hypokalemia
if taking an ACEI, check for symptoms of... neutropenia
avoid dental agents that add to side effects such as opioids
in management of the dental patient taking nitroglycerin agents, one must... provide analgesic if headache occurs watch for syncope, especially with rising out of the chair avoid heat and moisture for proper storage
what is a contraindication for dental treatment? acute/recent MI within the preceding 3-6 months
what two antibiotics increase digoxin levels in 10% of the patients taking digoxin? erythromycin and tetracycline
what condition is characterized by pain or discomfort in the chest radiating to the left arm and shoulder? angina pectoris
calcium channel blockers can be used in the treatment of angina, cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension
what is step IV in the stepped care regimen of hypertension mixing two or 3 drugs or the addition of a neuronal blocker
what classifications of hypertension can be eliminated by removing the cause secondary
oral adverse reactions of xerostomia and oral lichenoid lesions can be seen with the use of which one of the classes of diuretics thiazides
what is the most commonly used in loop diuretic? Lasix
what is not an adverse reaction of calcium channel blocker tachycardia and sialorrhea
what antihypertensive group is used for the treatment of an enlarged prostate alpha 1 adrenergic blocking agents
the centrally acting antihypertensive used as the drug of choice for a pregnant hypertensive woman is hydralazine
which vitamin can be used to treat high cholesterol B3 or niacin
what medication can be used to treat both elevated triglycerides and cholelithiasis gemfibrozil
what is a normal mechanism in the body that is designed to prevent the loss of blood after injury to a blood vessel? hemoptysis
if an NSAIA is to be used in a patient taking warfarin, which can be prescribed ibuprofen and naproxen
NSAIAs can decrease the antihypertensive effect of alpha 1 blockers angiotensin II receptor antagonists ACE inhibitors
what is a clot buster streptokinase
what is indicated for intermittent claudication Pentoxyfylline
what is true about gingko biloba? it may increase gum disease it is a blood thinner it has anti platelet properties
what is true about St. John's Wort? can cause drowsiness it is recommended to be discontinued after 5 days before surgery avoid taking it along with antidepressants
what is the prototype cardiac glycoside? Digoxin
what are the adverse reactions of nitroglycerin? flushing, syncope and severe headaches
what drug is associated with visual disturbances (yellow and green vision) drowsiness and facial pain similar to trigeminal neuralgia? digoxin
which anti arrhythmic class utilizes calcium channel blockers? class IV
if an antibiotic is to be used as the same time as warfarin, which one has a small effect on changing warfarin's anticoagulant action? doxicylcine
tranexamic acid is a... hemostatic agent
what is automaticity? the intrinsic rhythm of cardiac cells
the normal conduction route is what? the SA node to the AV node down the bundle of HIS into the right and left bundle branches to the Purkinje fibers
what are the two antibiotics that can interact with digoxin and increase levels tetracycline and erythromycin
what are diuretics classified as? loop, thiazide and potassium sparing
nitroglycerin is the most commonly used in the treatment of angina pectoris
hypertension occurs when the diastolic blood pressure is... 90 mm Hg or higher
what is an indication for dental treatment controlled hypertension
what is orthostatic hypotension caused by in the dental office? lying back in the dental chair for an extended period of time fact that blood vessels are unable to constrict in time to compensate for positional changes
malignant hypertension... can cause retinal and renal damage occurs in 5% of the patients with essential or secondary hypertension is an acute and dangerous form of hypertension
visual disturbances (such as yellow or green vision) are adverse reactions of what... cardiac glycosides or digoxin
what are the lifestyle modifications for the treatment of hypertension weight reduction exercise tobacco avoidance
what is angina pectoris characterized by? pain or discomfort in the chest radiating to the left arm or shoulder
Lasix is... the most commonly used loop diuretic
what are 5 adverse reactions of calcium channel blockers? gingival enlargement, xerostomia, dysgeusia, GI irritation, nausea and vomiting
what 3 things should by monitored while a patient is taking antihypertensive agents blood pressure, gingival enlargement on calcium channel blockers, xerostomia
what is the most important oral anticoagulant and is almost used exclusively in therapy warfarin
what is hemostasis? a normal mechanism in the body that is designed to prevent the loss of blood after injury to a blood vessel
what is given by injection heparin
do pacemakers require antibiotic premedication? NO
amyl nitrate is a nitroglycerin compound that must be kept in what kind of container closed
what is one non selective beta blocker? propanolol
losartan is a prototype for what classification of antihypertensives? angiotensin II receptors
what is the drug of choice for the treatment of pregnant woman with hypertension hydralizine
what is associated with cutaneous flushing niacin
what is the term for gallstone formation cholelithiasis
digoxin is the prototype medication in the treatment of congestive heart failure
what is the adverse reactions of nitroglycerin flushing, hypotension, headache, lightheadedness and syncope
hypertension is classified as essential, secondary and malignant
what is the most commonly used of the diuretics Furosemide
what are verapamil, nifedipine and diltiazem classified as calcium channel blockers
what are "statins" such as lovastatin considered to be HMG CoA reductase inhibitors
what is true about calcium channel blockers used in angina, used to treat cardiac arrhythmias and hypertension
what group of analgesics reduces the antihypertensive effect of hydroclorothiazides? NSAIDs
what is the 1st line of treatment in reducing high cholesterol lifestyle changes
what antibiotic has to be used with warfarin because it has no effect? clindamycin
what is an adverse effect of warfarin petechial hemorrhages
antiarrthmics have what classification I-IV
what is the definition of congestive heart failure failure of the heart to produce adequate cardiac output heart does not provide adequate cardiac output for the oxygen needs of the body and becomes ineffective as a pump
what is orthopnea? inability to breathe when lying down
what is volatile and is found in a closed container amanyl nitrate
what is the definition of intermittent claudication no pain in limbs at rest, pain when you begin to move
what causes increased salivation and increased gagging reflex? Digoxin
the normal route of conduction begins at... SA node
how long after opening should nitroglycerin be used 3-6 months
blood pressure above what is considered hypertension 140/90
what can decrease the antihypertensive effect of hydrochlorothiazides NSAID's
what is one calcium channel blocker Verapamil
what cardiovascular drug is used to treat BPH ooxazosin
what group is the most commonly used antihyperlipidemics statins
what is a clot buster drug streptokinase
when is evidence of retinal damage seen in hypertension malignant hypertension
the cells of cardiac muscles have intrinsic rhythm, the rhythm is called automaticity
what are three groups of diuretic agents thiazides, loop and potassium sparing
what are the oral adverse effects of oral anticoagulants bleeding and hemorrhage, petachial hemorrhages on the hard palate, ecchymoses with or without trauma
what two antibiotics have the greatest effect on changing warfarin's anticoagulant action erythromycin and metronidazole
streptokinase and altepase are known as thrombolytics
what is indicated for intermittent claudication pentoxifylline
what are the oral effects seen with the use of clonidine? parotid gland swelling, xerostomia, pain, dysquesia
what is Ranolazine (Ranexa) used for the treatment of chronic angina
what is part of the step IV regimen of hypertension management addition of a neuronal blocker
what is tekturna renin antagonist drug used for hypertension
what improves blood flow, lowers blood viscosity and is indicated for intermittent claudication pentoxifylline
what is a characteristic of malignant hypertension must be treated aggressively due to very high blood pressure, evidence of retinal and renal damage
NSAIDs can reduce the antihypertensive effect of hydrochlorothiazides, ACE inhibitors, angiotensin I receptor anttagonists
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