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Geo Chap 4

7th Grade Geography Chapter 4

contiguous joined together inside a common boundary
megalopolis huge urban area made up of several large cities and nearby communities
prairie rolling inland grassland region with fertile soil
cordillera region parallel mountain chains
canyon deep valleys with steep sides
navigable referring to a body of water wide and deep enough for ships to use
glacier giant sheets of ice
divide the high point in a landmass that determines the direction rivers flow
constrain limit
route a journey
drought long period of time without rainfall
tornado severe windstorm that takes the form of a funnel-shaped cloud and often touches the ground
hurricane wind system that forms over the ocean in tropical areas and brings violent storms with heavy rains
blizzard severe winter storm that lasts several hours and combines high winds with heavy snow
diverse varied
adapt change
restore return; to put or bring back into existence or use
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