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heredity the passong of genetic trait from parent to offspring
Gregor mendel-born?where? 1822,henzendorf, austria
what was gm father of? genetics
What did gm studie? heredity
How old was gm when he eneterd the monastary? 21
WHat did gm discorver?when did he publish it? heredity,1895
self pollinating plant hes both mal and femal reproductive structers
true-breeding plant self pollinates, all of its offspring will have the same traits as the parent
cross-pollination pollination from ano plant fertilizes the ovule of a flower an a different plant
genetics the study of heredity
Characteristics a feayure that has different form in a population
traits different forms of personal features
first-generation the offspring from such a cross
dominat trait the trait observed in the first generation whenparents that have differnt traits are bred
recessive trait a trait that reappears in the 2nd generation after disappearing in the 1st generation when parents with different traits are bred
Can heredity appera in one generation then dissaper in the next? yes
Why did grengor mendel choose the garden pea to discover? -grew fast-self pollinates-true breeding plant or pure bred-cross pollinates-many different characteristics of the pea
genes set of instructions for an inherited trait
alleles different forms of a gene
Dominate alleles is rep resented with a captiol letter
recessive alleles is represented as a lowercase letter
gentotype made up of the two alleles in herited from both parents
homozygous`dominate` pure bred AA
heterozygous Aa-hybrid
homozygous recessive aa-purebred
how many geno types are there ? what are they? 3. homozygous dominate, heterzygouse,heterozyoug recessive
phenotype physical apperance of an organism
geno gene
pheno apperance
incomplete dominance traits do not blen together , but each allel has its own degree of influence
punnett square used to organise all the possible combinations of offspring from particular parents
pedigree a tool used to trace traits in families
hemo blood
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