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DEH 203


Radiation is defined as A form of energy carried by waves
Regarding the importance of dental radiographs is it true that many dental diseases are typically discovered only through the use of dental radiographs yes
What is Dr. raper responsible for? Introducing radiology into the dental school curriculum
The nucleus of an atom contains what? Protons and neutrons
Regarding orbital shells of an Adam what is true? The K shell is closest to the nucleus and has the highest energy level
True or false? An ion pair results when an electron is remote from Atom True
Regarding electromagnetic radiation what is not true statement Electromagnetic radiation's travel at the speed of sound
Which form of electromagnetic radiation is capable of ionization X-rays
What will most likely become the gold standard for imaging certain dental conditions in the near future 3-D comb beam computerized tomography
True or false Dr. Otto Walkoffs developed the bitewing radiograph false
properties shared by ALL radiations on the electromagnetic spectrum can't do what? cause certain substance to fluoresce
Give five unique properties for electromagnetic radiation 1) cast shadows 2) fluoresce 3) travel in a straight line 4) cause biological damage 5) make photographs on film
Anything which occupies space has wait and is termed____? Matter
And unusual form of an element carrying the same number of protons but having different number of neutrons is turned an _____? Isotope
The speed of a wave is referred to as Velocity
why is ionization considered a dangerous aspect of X radiation? Ionizing radiation is any electromagnetic wave that carries enough energy to remove electrons from an atom. one of three things usually happen - the cell dies, the cell repairs itself, or the cell mutates incorrectly
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