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Science Terms

Science Terminology

CAD computer aided drafting/design
Scale Drawing drawing of an object that is not true size but that is in the correct proportions
Aesthetics products design to have an enjoyable appearance
Ergonomics how comfortable something is to use
Model replica of the proposed project
Prototype Manufacturing a working full scale model
Design Process the process of planning a project or product
Constraints limit on a design solution
Brainstorming a group problem solving method of coming up with several alternate designs
Trade off an exchange of benefits and disadvantages of one of those for another solution
control a method of regulating system the controllers can be hydraulic, penunamatic, or electrict
sensor used to obtain information about the robots enviorment
optical sensor sensor having to do with light or sight
tactile relating to sense or touch
designeed result the standard to which the actual output is compared to the goal
actual result realized output of the system not necesarly the designed result
open loop system a system that needs a contribution from a person to complete its task
automation `the use of control systems for operating equipment
system a interacting group of items forming an unified whole
subsystem a system that is a part of a larger system
gear a toothed machine part such as a wheel or cylinder that meshes with another tooth part
pulley a wheel with a grooved rim around the wheel which a cord passes
drive system transmit power from the engine to the driving wheels
gear ratio the ratio of speed of the rotation of the powered gear
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