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DEH 203

Quiz 2

to produce a larger quantity of electrons for the production of x-rays, the radiographer would increase the fallowing mA (milliamperae)
which term describes the electrical pressure or force that drives the electric current through the circuit of the x ray tube? Voltage
the process of heating the cathode wire filament until red hot and electrons are boiled off is termed thermionic emission
which metal is used for the target in the x-ray Tungsten
what percent of the kinetic energy inside the x-ray tube is converted into x-rays 1%
Of the following exposure variables which controls the penetrating power of the x-ray beam kilovoltage
While pressing the exposure button the radiographer seller Will hear an audible beep indicating that x ray are being generated
The step down transformer is located in the cathode circuit (think of cathode and anode as grades... C is - compared to A)
TRUE OR FALSE The metal used for the target within the x-ray tube in modern x-ray tube satisfies all of the properties in an ideal target material FALSE
TRUE OR FALSE? The focal spot improves definition by concentrating electrons into a very small area? TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE? The actual focal spot is rectangular and serves to allow for greater dissipation of the heat generated TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE? X-rays are produced in a series of bursts or pulses rather than as a steady stream TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE when a cathode electron has a head on or glancing collision with a target Adam characteristic radiation is produced FALSE
TRUE OR FALSE characteristic radiation only occurs at or above a Kilovoltage peak of 70 TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE the focusing cup of the x-ray tube is made of Molybdenim TRUE
List the four properties of an ideal target material 1) high atomic number 2) high melting point 3) higher amount of thermal conductivity 4)low vapor pressure
Identify two types of radiation produced within the Xtreme machine General and characteristic
TRUE OR FALSE Milliamperage determines the speed by which the electrons travel to the target FALSE
TRUE OR FALSE the dental x-ray tube is self rectified? TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE the effective focal spot serves to enhance image sharpness TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE A step down transformer has more wire coils in the secondary coil than the primary coil FALSE
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