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1. Float Variable with a fractional value
2. Void Value of a function that means nothing can be returned
3. Public any part of the program can access this and make adjustments
4. Java Programming language invented by Sun microsystems and released to the public
5. Arrays Group of related data valued as one value
6. Loop Repeats order command until ordered to stop
7. While runs a command while in the process of doing something else
8. Branch instruction in a computer to begin different sequence of instructions
9. DC Direct current power
10. Compiler converts source code into programming language
11. Variable assigned storage of a value
12. Int any number + or – but no decimal
13. IC Integrated circuit Geoffrey Dummer on May 7th 1952 electronic parts on a chip
14. Systemoutprint tells program to display set item
15. Static Term used to describe constant
16. Main labels the code tht the computer will read
17. Method member of a class/object
18. String or a series of characters read literally by a script
19. Declare defines a variable an array or a value (if applicable)
20. JVM translates java bytecode and turns it into machine language (Java Virtual Machine)
21. Command word or word set that gives the computer commands
22. IT department devoted to supporting a computer company
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