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The major part of the diencephalon is the? Thalamus
What % of the diencephalon is the thalamus? 80%
Thalamus is located rostral to the ____? Brainstem
The thalamus is divided by the ___? 3rd ventricle
How many divisions does the thalamus have? 4 thalamus, subthalamus, epithalamus, and hypothalamus
The Subthalamus relates to _____ in the regulation of _____? basal ganglia, Motor activity
The Epithalamus relates to the _______ and regulation of _____? limbic system, Circadian rythyms
The Hypothalamus relates to the _________ for control of ____ function? limbic system and ANS, Visceral
What is the function of the thalamus? Decides what sensory and motor info should go to the cortex
How many thalamic nuclei are there? 5
What are the 5 thalamic nuclei? Anterior, Medial, Lateral, Intralaminar, Reticular
Attention, memory, emotions are functions of? Anterior Nuclei
Which nuclei is a relay nucleus for the limbic system? Anterior Nuclei
The anterior nuclei area is important for _____? Basic emotions that are important for preservation
Anterior nuclei receive info from the ____ tract. Mammillothalamic
Anterior nuclei send info to the ___? Cingulated gyrus
Medial Nuclei are also called? Dorsomedial nuclei
Medial nuclei provide important connections btwn ____ and ____? Prefrontal cortex and limbic system
Which Nuclei are responsible for “gut feelings”? Medial nuclei
Medial nuclei are in charge of ____? Memory, affect, foresight and goal-directed behavior
Which nuclei are the oldest nuclei phylogenetically? Intralaminar Nuclei
Which nuclei are referred to as the arousal system, similar to RAS? Intralaminar Nuclei
What does RAS stand for? Reticular Activating System
What are the 2 principle nuclei of Intralaminar Nuclei? Centromedian and parafascicular
Which nucleus is responsible for internal modulation of the thalamus? Reticular nucleus
Which nucleus is known as the "shell of the the M&M"? Reticular nucleus
Does the reticular nuclei send info to the cerebral cortex? NO
Reticular Nuclei integrate info from the __ and ____? Cerebral cortex and thalamus
What are the 2 tiers of the lateral nuclei? Dorsal and ventral
The Dorsal Tier consists of? Lateral Dorsal Nucleus(LD), Lateral Posterior nucleus(LP), and pulvinar nucleus
Which nucleus in the dorsal tier of the lateral nuclei receives input from the hippocampus, and sends output to the cingulate gyrus. Lateral Dorsal Nucleus(LD)
The lateral posterior nucleus and the Pulvinar nucleus make up the? Pulvinar-LP complex
The pulvinar-LP complex receives input from the _____? Visual system
The pulvinar-LP complex is thought of as an area of? sensory integration
The Ventral Tier of the lateral nuclei is made up of? Ventral Anterior(VA),Ventral Lateral(VL),Ventral Posterior(VP),and medial and lateral geniculate nuclei.
The Ventral Posterior Nuclei are made up of? Ventral Posterolateral(VPL), and Ventral Posteromedial(VPM) nuclei
Which nuclei are important motor relays? VA & VL
Which nuclei receive info from the cerebellum and basal ganglia? VA & VL
Where do the VA & VL send information? Fromtal lobe, primary motor and premotor areas of the cortex
Which nuclei are important for somatosensory relay? VP
Where does the VP receive info from? Media Lemniscus and Spinothalamic tract
Where does the VP send info to? Postcentral gyrus
Which nuclei this helps us gain conscious appreciation of skin sensations and proprioception? VP
Which nucleui are responsible for somatosensory info from the body with LE info processing laterally, and UE info processing medially? VPL
Which nuclei are responsible for somatosensory info from the head and neck? VPM
Which nucleus is a relay for the visual system, processes info from the optic nerve, and relays info to the occipital lobe? Lateral geniculate nucleus
This nucleus is part of the auditory system, receives input from the lateral lemniscus, relays auditory info to the temporal lobe for discrimination. Medial Geniculate Nucleus
Blood supply to the thalamus comes from branches of the? Posterior Cerebral Artery(PCA)
Hypotonia and contralateral limp ataxia result from lesions to which part of the thalamus? Ventral Thalamus(VA & VL)
Connection interruptions between the ________ & ________ cause hypotonia and contralateral limb ataxia. Cerebellum and Thalamus
Contralateral chorea, athetosis or ballismus are caused by lesions in what area of the thalamus? Ventral
Contralateral chorea, athetosis or ballismus are due to interruptions of what connection? Basal Ganglia
involuntary abrupt movements of the limbs and facial muscles = ? Chorea
slow, writhing movements, mostly noted in the hands and fingers = ? Athetosis
flailing of a limb = ? Ballismus
Initial contralateral hemianesthesia with later severe pain of a burning nature called thalamic pain is due to disorders in the? Ventral Posterior Thalamus
If the ___________ is affected you will have visual processing difficulty lateral geniculate
loss of contralateral visual field = ? Hemianopsia
If the ___________ is affected you will have emotional lability (not in control of your emotions) anterior nucleus
If the ____________ is affected you will have decreased affect (facial expression indicating mood) dorsomedial nucleus
Created by: txst fall 2008
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