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Tech Ed 6

Chapter 1 Summary

What do engineers and technology build cars, high ways, buildings, bridges
Technology makes use of human knowledge
what does human knowledge help convert resources into goods and services
what are goods and services things that people need and want
how do you make goods and services converting resources
what expands peoples natural abilities technology
what is an invention the development of an entirely new device or product
what is innovation an improvement to a product or device
what is engineering the process of creating or modifying technologies
what is the process of creating or modifying technologies engineering
the development of an entirely new device or product invention
an improvement to a product or device innovation
what do engineers design devices, structures, or systems
what must an engineers design meet given performance
what does science study the natural world, earth, space and all living things not created by humans
what does technology study the human made world, buildings, bridges, communication systems, manufactured goods and all things that are the products of human creativity
what are technologist not looking for answers to questions about the natural world
what are technologist looking to do ways to make the natural world easier to live in
what do technologist use their knowledge and tools
why do technologist use their knowledge and tools to turn resources into goods and services that society needs or wants
name 3 technologists archtects, product designers, and technicians
what do scientist try to do understand things that occur in nature
how do scientists do their work by investigating the world around them
scientific inquiry the process by which scientist examine
name three scientists chemist, physicist, biologist
what engineers create and design they make the human made world and design artifacts and processes that never existed before
do engineers actually construct the artifact no they provide plans and direction for how the artifacts are to be constructed
what size are artifacts as small as a calculator or large as a bridge
becomes new knowledge what scientist discover
how do engineers design new technologies by adding to the knowledge and what they already know
what do technologist construct and maintain the products, structures, and systems that engineer design
what is complex the effect of technology
using technology to solve problems often creates other problems
when we devise solutions to problems, there may be unforeseen unwanted consequences
technology can create new challenges and may complicate our lives
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