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I Verbi RSI

I verbi riflessivi

abbandonarsi to drop, sink; let oneself go; give oneself up
abbassarsi to lower oneself, stoop; drop, fall; deteriorate
abbracciarsi to hug, embrace one another; cling to
abbronzarsi to get a tan
abituarsi to get used to, accustom oneself to
accelerarsi to speed up, go faster
accendersi to start, come/go on; get excited
accorgersi to notice, realize, be aware of
addormentarsi to fall asleep, go to sleep; take slowly
affrettarsi to hurry up, be quick
affrontarsi to confront each other
aggiungersi to join, be put together, be added
aiutarsi to help oneself, help one another; do one's best
allacciarsi to tie, fasten; hook up, connect
allenarsi to train, practice
allontanarsi to go away; grow away
alzarsi to get up, rise, grow tall(er)
amarsi to love each other, to love one another
ammirarsi to admire each other
apprezzarsi to go up in value
arrabbiarsi to get angry, fly into a rage
arrangiarsi to get by/along, manage, do the best one can
arrestarsi to stop, come to a halt
aspettarsi to expect; be prepared for
assumersi to accept; take on/upon oneself, take (credit)
attrarsi to attract each other
avvedersi to become aware (of), realize, perceive
avviarsi to set out (for); be on the point (of), be about (to); start (up)
baciarsi to kiss each other
bruciarsi to burn/scald oneself; burn out
buttarsi to jump (into), throw onself (into)
calmarsi to calm down, grow calm; abate, subside, diminish
cambiarsi to change, be transformed; change (clothes)
capirsi to know about something; to understand oneself or each other; to reach an understanding
chiamarsi to be called, be named; consider oneself, proclaim oneself
circondarsi to surround oneself (with)
condolersi to sympathize, condole
conoscersi to know oneself; to know each other
consolarsi to comfort each other (one another)
coprirsi to be covered (in, with), to wrap oneself up, dress; to cloud over
danneggiarsi to harm oneself; be damaged
depositarsi to settle (dust)
dichiararsi to declare oneself; propose (marriage)
dimenticarsi to forget (about), forget (to)
disturbarsi to take the trouble, put oneself out, bother
divertirsi to enjoy oneself, have fun, like (to)
dolersi to complain, be sorry (about)
domandarsi to wonder
esaurirsi to run out, dry up; be sold out, be out of print; wear oneself out
esibirsi to perform; show off
esprimersi to express oneself
estendersi to spread, stretch, reach (out)
evitarsi to avoid each other
farsi to become, acquire, get, make/get oneself
fermarsi to stop (at/by/in); remain; shut down, quit; pause; restrain oneself; dwell (on)
fessurarsi to split, cleave, clack
fidanzarsi to become engaged
fissarsi to stare (at); be obsessed (with); insist (on); set one's heart (on); settle
frequentarsi to see each other (regularly)
gettarsi to throw oneself into/under; rush; flow
guadagnarsi to earn; win
guardarsi to look at each other
identificarsi to identify (oneself) (with)
imbarcarsi to embark (on); engage in
imbucarsi to hide; crash (a party)
immaginarsi to picture (oneself), expect
impegnarsi to commit oneself, undertake; devote oneself (to); get involved (in); come to an agreement
impiegarsi to get a job
imporsi to assert oneself/one's authority; stand out, surpass; attract attenton; become popular; be necessary/inevitable
impostarsi to take up a position
incassarsi to be enclosed by; be sunken
incidersi to be engraved in/on; become fixed
incontrarsi to meet up (with), run into each other; agree, think alike; play (sports)
informarsi to make inquiries; find out; adapt oneself (to), fit in (with)
ingrassarsi to put on weight, get fat; get rich, thrive
innamorarsi to fall in love (with); be enthusiastic (about)
insultarsi to insult each other (one another)
integrarsi to become integrated/assimilated
intendersi to agree (on); get along (with); be an expert (on), know a lot (about)
interrompersi to stop; be cut off/broken/disconnected
intrattenersi to stop; linger, stop to talk to; dwell (on)
investirsi to assume; identify (oneself) (with); live (one's part); enter thoroughly (into)
invitarsi to invite oneself; come/go unasked
iscriversi to enroll, register; become a member (of)
istruirsi to improve one's mind; find out/get information (about)
lamentarsi to complain (about); moan, groan
lanciarsi to throw oneself (into), embark (on); dash, race
lasciarsi to leave each other; to break up (a relationship)
laurearsi to graduate, get a degree; win a sports title
lavarsi to wash (oneself), wash one's (hair, hands, etc.); brush one's (teeth)
levarsi to rise, get up; take off (airplane); come up; take off (one's) (clothes)
librarsi to hover
licenziarsi to resign, quit; graduate; take one's leave
litigarsi to quarrel, argue; litigate
lodarsi to boast, brag
mangiarsi to eat up; squander; bite
mantenersi to stay, remain; last; support oneself, make one's living
mettersi to put on; to slip on; to put (place, set) oneself; to sit down
misurarsi to try on; control oneself; compete (with)
mostrarsi to appear (to be); feign
nascondersi to hide, be hidden
ninnolarsi to idle (or fritter) one's time away
obbligarsi to undertake, engage; bind oneself, act a guarantor, cosign
pagarsi to pay; take a cut, be remunerated; be satisfied
paragonarsi to compare oneself (to/with)
parlarsi to talk to each other
pensarsi to imagine oneself (a certain way), believe oneself (to be)
perdonarsi to forgive oneself/each other
pesarsi to weigh onself
pettinarsi to comb one's hair; fix/do one's hair
piantarsi to plant oneself, dig oneself in; enter; split up
prenotarsi to sign up (for), put one's name down
preoccuparsi to be worried/anxious (about)/ make sure (of); take the trouble (to/of)
prepararsi to get ready; train, study; be about (to); be about to happen
presentarsi to turn/show up, appear; introduce oneself; arise, occur; seem
prestarsi to be helpful (to), put oneself out (for); be suitable (for); lend itself to
prolungarsi to go on, extend, stretch; last; be prolonged
raccomandarsi to commend oneself (to); implore, beg
radersi to shave (oneself)
rassegnarsi to resign (oneself) (to), submit (to)
ravvedersi to mend one's ways, reform; to come to one's senses
realizzarsi to come true; be/feel fulfilled; produce (a movie)
regalarsi to treat oneself (to), allow oneself
riattaccarsi to be reattached, adhere again
riconoscersi to recognize each other (one another)
ricordarsi to remember
rilassarsi to relax, loosen up; become slack
riposarsi to take a rest; relax; sit down again
risparmiarsi to take care of oneself; spare oneself, need not
rispettarsi to respect each other (one another)
rivedersi to see each other again (one another)
rubarsi to argue (over); compete (for)
salutarsi to greet; say good-bye to each other
sbagliarsi to be mistaken; be wrong (about)
sbrigarsi to hurry (up), get a move on; deal with, manage; get rid of
scatenarsi to break out; let oneself go, go wild, rage
scriversi to write to each other (one another)
scusarsi to apologize (for); excuse oneself; make excuses
sedersi to sit (down), to take a seat
segnarsi to cross oneself, make the sign of the cross; make a note for oneself
sentirsi to feel
sistemarsi to find accommodations; get/be settled; settle down; find a job; get married
spararsi to shoot oneself
spaventarsi to become frightened
spazzolarsi to brush one's _______
spiegarsi to understand; mean; make oneself clear; clear things up
spogliarsi to undress; get rid of; give up, deprive oneself of
sposarsi to get married; go well together; match
spostarsi to move about/around/over/up; get around (in a city); travel
sprecarsi to waste one's energy; overexert oneself; knock oneself out
stamparsi to be impressed/imprinted (in/on)
stancarsi to get tired, tired oneself out; get fed up (with), be sick (of)
stirarsi to iron; stretch oneself; have (one's hair) straightened
stressarsi to stress oneself, be stressed
studiarsi to examine oneself; eye each other, watch each other
svegliarsi to wake up; start (up) again; wise up
telefonarsi to phone each other
tirarsi to draw/pull/move (back); cheer oneself up
toccarsi to touch oneself; masturbate
traslocarsi to move
trattarsi to treat oneself/each other, live; be a matter/question (of)
trovarsi to find oneself, (happen to be); be (situated); get on; meet/see each other; (can) be found
truccarsi to disguise oneself; put makeup on; wear makeup
ubriacarsi to get drunk, to become intoxicated
uccidersi to kill oneself, take one's life, commit suicide
umiliarsi to humble (or humiliate, lower) oneself
uniformarsi to conform (to) comply, abide
vantarsi to boast/brag (about); swagger
vedersi to see each other (one another)
vergognarsi to be (or feel) ashamed (of)
vestirsi to get dressed, wear, dress in, dress up as
visitarsi to visit each other (one another)
votarsi to dedicate oneself (to)
Created by: anegri