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Abnormal Psychology

Midterm One

Psychopathology results primarily from an interaction of many factors
What does Abnormal Psychology attempt to do? Describe, explain, predict and modify unusual behaviors
What is the most frequently diagnosed anxiety disorder? Panic disorder
When psychologists talk about modifying behavior, they are referring to using therapy to improve client behavior
Clinical psychologists usually have blank degree while psychiatrists usually have their blank masters, doctorate
What theory holds unconscious psychological processes at the root of psychological functioning? psychoanalysis
Trephining refers to putting holes in the skull to let demons escape
According to Freud, the two most important instincts people have are pleasure and reality
Case studies are helpful because
The group of research participants who are not exposed to the independent variable control group
A reliving of past repressed feelings is called by psychodynamic therapist catharsis
a set of questions and observations that systematically evaluate the client’s awareness, orientation with regards to time and place, attention span, memory, judgment and insight, thought content and processes, mood, and appearance mental status exam
What is the most common psychological disorder in the US? phobias
She has never had a bad experience with dogs, but her father was injured by a dog when he was a young boy. Tina’s father goes to great lengths to avoid contact with dogs. What behavioral theory best explains Tina’s fear of dogs? observational learning
Cancer patients, prior to undergoing chemotherapy, were given a drink in a container with a bright orange lid. After pairing the drink with chemotherapy, the patients experienced distress and nausea when presented with the container. Cognitive-behavioral
What is the most major drawback when using benzodiazepines to treat phobias? Symptoms often recur when the patient stops taking the medication.
Cognitive-behaviorists would say that obsessive-compulsives repeat behaviors in order to reduce anxiety
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