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Study Guide: Sound

Review for test on sound

Which factor will most affect the speed of sound? The distance between molecules in the medium
Hitting a drum causes what to form? Sound
How are sound waves affected when moving from air to glass? The speed of a sound wave greatly increases.
As a radio speaker vibrates, it transfers what to the air around it? wave motion
Sound waves cannot pass through what? a vacuum
Why would sound waves not be heard in outer space? The air molecules in space are very far apart.
When a compression wave travels in a parallel direction, what direction does the medium travel? in the same direction
If you hit a drum with a greater force, the sound would be? louder
Humans cannot hear the sound made by a dog whistle because of? The frequency of the sound is too high.
Of these substances, water, air, iron or helium, sound will travel the fastest in which? Iron
Sonar equipment sends waves into deep water and measures what? the time delay of the reflected wave
Amplitude is measured from ....? middle part of the wave to the crest or to the trough
Light waves that travel from the air to water will ...? change length and direction (bend)
When a wave strikes an edge and bounces back, it is called? reflection
The number of vibrations per unit of time is called...? frequency
How is energy changed when a bow is pulled across a violin? Kinetic energy is changed to sound energy.
Since light waves travel faster than sound waves, what else can affect how quickly thunder is heard? the type of material through which the sound travels
Amplitude increases as this increases.....? loudness
Soft surfaces like pillows and carpets can _______sound waves. absorb
The rate at which a wave passes through a medium is known as? speed
An earthquake under the ocean releases sound waves that....? spread in all directions away from the source
Created by: jtirby