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#PHARM T2 McDermott


-ase, -plase Thrombolytic agent, enzymatic debrider
Main Side effect for Thrombolytic agents (-ase, -plase) Burning or itching; debrides both necrotic and healthy tissues
nitr-, -nitr Nitrate: vasodilator, antianginal
Main Side effect for Nitrates (-nitr) Contraindicated with HYPOtension. Can cause severe postural hypotension. NTG can cause headache and dizziness.
-olol, -lol Beta adrenergic blocker: acute MI, antihypertensive, anti-anginal, and SVT
Main Side effect for Beta adrenergic blockers (-olol) Monitor for bradycardia and hypotension. Concurrent use with CCB may increase risk for bradycardia and hypotension. DO NOT give if HR <60 or SBP <90. Can cause peripheral paresthesia.
-parin Anticoagulant: heparin or heparinoid
Main Side effect for Anticoagulants (-parin) Hemorrhage, thrombocytopenia
-statin HMG-Coenzyme A reductase inhibitor: lipid lower agent
Main Side effect of HMG-Coenzyme A reductase inhibitors (-statin) Dyspepsia, blatulence, myalgias, may affect liver function
Opiods are used to? Prevent or treat MOD to SEVERE PAIN.
A patient say's he's a 2 on the pain scale, what are you going to do? Try to use nonpharmological treatments first like: relaxation techniques, cold/hot pods, change lighting, ect. If that doesn't work give acetaminophens such as: asprin, tylenol, ibprophin
NonOpiod Analgesics are used for what? Acute and Chronic Pain
Pain that lasts over 3 months is considered what? Chronic Pain
Does the Therapeutic effect of oipiod analgesics actually stop pain? No they stop the transmission of Pain Signals to the brain.
Opiod Analgesics reduce the ________ of pain. Perception
Two Main Adverse Effects of Opiod Analgecics are _____ and _____. And they are potentially ____ _______. What is another Adverse Effect concern involving the GI? Sedation and Respiratory Depression. Potentially Life-Threatening. Constipation.
Besides Physical pain, what other kinds of pain can pt's have? Emotional Pain, Chemical Pain
What are you going to do BEFORE you give an Opiod Administration? Get a pain score, ask pt what their pain goal is, check for Allergies, Past History, Check Respirations, and check their Level of Consciecenous (LOC)
What is the Prototype of the SubClass: Opiod AGONIST? Morphine Sulfate
On the Controlled Substance List what is Morphine? Schedule 2
Morphine is a non ______ drug. What does that mean? Cieling meaning it has NO UPPER limit. You can give higher doses if not symptomatic.
IV Morphine is the best way for max pain relief, but what happens within 10-20 minutes? Respiratory Depression , so as a nurse you need to watch them, especially if it's their first dose.
What is the rate of Morphine? 5-7 hrs
Who are you going to help you keep on eye on monitoring someone who's on morphines pain? CNA and Family
What is going to be your Patient Teaching for pt's taking Opiod Analgesics? Drink FLUIDS and diet high in fiber (body needs 2 quarts of water)
Are people with Cancer Pain more likely to have an addiction to morphine then those who have if after surgery? No, because their pain cells prevent them from becoming addicted.
Who can have Withdrawal symptoms? ANYBODY
What are a Nurses TOP Concerns with pt's getting IV Morphine or Opiod Analgesics? Risk for Falls (because drug causes drowsiness, dizziness). Have pt. sit or ly down for 30-60mins.
What's your concern with someone with Impaired Liver or Kidney Function when taking Opiod Analgesics? Accumulating Toxicity.
What would be some other Patient Education you would want to do with those taking Opoid Analgesics? Do not drink Alcohol while taking. Do not take other CNS depressants
What are your duties as a nurse after you admin. Opoid Analgesics? Assess pain every 2hrs, but initially check on it after 20-30mins to make sure it is working. Assess for adverse effects. be on time, don't skip doses. Prevent Breakthrough Pain.
What is the prototype for the SubClass Opiod Antagonist? Naloxone (Narcan)
What does Naloxone (Narcan) do??? It reverses the effect of morephine (opoid agonist) so it's the cure for respiratory depression. (stops opiod from binding). Also can reverse Loratob. But then they will have withdrawal signs and symptoms. (happen fast but not long lasting)
If you give a dose of Naloxone (Narcan) and pt still has respiratory depression (10 or less), what are you going to do? Give them another dose.
What is the NUMBER 1 proscribed medication in this country? Loratab
What is PCA? And who is it for? Patient Controlled Analgesics for those who need it frequently. (Line through IV that is controlled by the Patient.) only gives them so much, locks them out 8-10mins.
____ patient for ____ reason you are going to evaluate for pain. ANY Patient for ANY reason
If a patient pain is controlled they are less likely to ______. sue or cause a law suit.
Concepts for Oipiod Analgesics Comfort, Elimination, Respiratory, Safety, Behaviors, Therapeutic COMMUNICATION
COLDERRS Scale? Charactor, Onset, Location, Duration, Exacerbation, Radiation, Relief, and Severety
What are you going to do if someone keeps complaining of pain and you've given them their max dose? Investigate reason they are still having pain. maybe they need repositioned, or maybe they have a bleed.
Acute pain can come from ______ or _______. Injury or Trauma
What drug classification is ASPRIN (ASA) in? Antipyretic , Analgesic, Anti-Inflammatory
What are the characteristics of Asprin? Antiplatelet is present
What are the main Adverse Effects of Asprin? GI upset, GI bleeding, Titinus (ear ringing)
What are the Nurses Top Concerns with giving Asprin? Who do you not give it too? Children under the age of 19 because of Rye Syndrom (a disease that causes swelling in the liver and brain) or to Pregnant Women
What is the BEST dose for Asprin? 325mg
What is a contraindication of Asprin? Ulcer Diseases
Acetaminophen does not have a ____________ effect. There is no __ bleeding, no ____ or ____, and does not interfere with _____ clotting. Anti-Inflammatory, GI, nausea, vomiting, blood.
What effect can acetaminophen have on a diabetic person? Can cause Hypoglycemia.
Chronic use of acetaminophen effects the _____. Liver
Acetaminophen is the drug of choice for ______ with ______. Children with Fevers
What is the treatment for poisoning of acetaminophen? acedodysteen mucamist (sp?)
What is a contraindication for use of acetaminophen? Alcohol
What is the prototype for Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug? Ibuprofen (Motrin)
Ibuprofen acts as a ______ only when it is in the blood. Antiplatelet
Ibuprofen can ______ the effect of ace inhibitors if taken together. (ace inhib are for hypertension) Decrease
When taking ibuprofen chronically you are at an increased risk for ____. GI bleeding
Should you take NSAIDS if you have a sensitivity to Asprin? NO
Concepts for Anti-Inflammatorys Thermoregulation, Comfort, Inflammation, Mobility, Infection
What is the Prototype for the treatment of Gout? Allopuinol (Zyloprim)
What is Gout? excess Uric acid from breakdown of protein metabolism
What are you going to Teach the Pt with Gout? Fluid intake extremely important so it can prevent formation of uric acid kidney stones.
What is the Expected Outcome of Triptans? Treatment of Migraines
What is the prototype of the Treatment of Migraines/Triptans? Sumatriptan (Imitrex)
When treating migraines they will mix triptans, with Acedameniphine and ____. Caffeine
What do Triptans do inside the body? Constrict blood vessels and relieve vascular formation
What are the main adverse effects of Triptans? TROUBLE BREATHING, chest pain, vertigo, swelling of tongue
When is the best time to give a Triptan? On the onset of the migraine, as soon as it's symptoms arrive.
What's a top concern for a nurse who just gave triptan? Pt can have a rebounding headache
What is a contraindication for triptan? History of Angina
What is an adjacent med that may be given with sumatriptan any why? Antimetics to relieve nausea.
What is the BEST source for vitamins FOOD, but they do recommend people take a vitamin supplement
How does a person who is on NPO and hooked up parentally get their nutrition. With TPN (total parental nutrition. Hang for 24 hrs, have to be signed and double checked by two nurses and has very particular standing orders)
What do people need in addition for ENSURE? WATER to meet their fluid needs.
What age group do you need to be careful with, with vitamins? Children, can be toxic
All minerals are _____ in high doses. Toxic
If someone has high potassium what do you give them? Give them K escalate. It binds potassium to be excreted.
Can anybody take IRON? No, too much can be toxic.
Iron can be distructive to the _____ Liver
Who has the greatest need for Iron? Pregnant women or women with heavy menses
CONCEPTS for Vitamins and Minerals are? Wellness, acid-base balance,
What's usually given to help with ear infections? Amoxicillin
80% of ear infections are actually _____ so antibiotics don't help. So they need to boost their ______ system to get rid of it. Viral , immune
What other problems can come alone with an Ear infection? Upper respiratory infection which goes into the lungs, decreased hearing, fever, nausea, vomiting, look for ear drainage.
CONCEPTS for Ears Inflammation, Comfort, Infection
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