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PT201 Quiz 2

PT201 Quiz 2 Material

epidermis The outermost portion of the skin
pruritus Itching
subcutaneous This layer connects the skin to the surface muscles and protects the deeper tissue
sebum This lubricates the skin and hair and prevents drying
hair follicle A sheath of epithelial and connective tissue that encloses the hair
psoriasis Non-contageous chronic disorder o the skin with silvery white scales covering round, raised, reddened plauqes
herpes zoster Viral infection commonly known as shingles; highly contagious
arrector pili literally means hair raiser
derm/o skin
cellulitis acute infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, characterized by localized heat, redness, pain, and swelling
melan/o dark; black
tinea fungal infection commonly known as ringworm
cerumen ear wax
dermis the inner thicker layer lying directly beneath the epidermis
Basal Cell Carcinoma the most common malignant tumor of the epithelial tissue
melanin a dark pigment that colors the skin and protects it from harmful rays
eczema acute/chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes intense itching, resulting in raw skin, blisters, scales, or scabs
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