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BA33:HR:Chapter 5

Interperesonal Skills fro the Digital World

multitasking (a)Having two or more projects that you are working on, but you do not work on these projects at the same time (b)Doing two or more tasks simultaneously
positive interpersonal skills when using cell phones (first 5) (1)standard ringtone (2) inform caller that you are receiving a call on a cell phone (3) inform associates if waiting for a call (4) ask associate of they would like you to use your phone for retrieving info (5) inform coworker you are shutting off phone
positive interpersonal skills when using cell phones (second 5) (6)use a fully functional phone/keep bill current (7) make calls in quiet/private location (8) excuse yourself 15 ft away (9) put away phone when driving (10) make calls on break away from work location
email etiquette (a)address and sign messages (b)keep simple (c)create action plan (d)use subject line (e)inform receiver when using mobile device (f)be considerate (g)confidentiality (h)no blasting/fwding (i)ask if sending huge attatchment (j)encourage questions
email etiquette (part 2) (k)consider timing (l)do not use personal email on job (m)minimize BIF (n)little use of IM (o)no Big Brother (p)send valuable message (q)go offline if frustrated (r) set limits
webcam tips (1)even lighting (2)wear dress for success (3)relax (4)clutter free area (5)good posture/distance (6)rehearse
positive interpersonal skills and social networking (1)loyalty (2)compassion (3)professional (4)compliment (5)establish meaningful contact w/workers (6)display desire to help others
negative interpersonal skills and social networking (1)eliminating face-to-face interactions (2) posting derogatory/confidential info about employer(3)posting derogatory/confidential info about co-worker (4)social networking at inappropriate time
videoconferencing (do's) (1)business apparel (2)clear speaking/pay close attention (3)remember camera is on (4)avoid insensitive gestures (5)rehearse
Created by: Rose_Marie
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