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Freshmen Studies

Chapters 1-2 & Fletcher Handbook.

Academic Probation & Suspension: GPA below 2.0; Allowed to register&take classes next semester; If GPA remains below 2.0=suspended for the following semester; Upon returning, will remain on academic probation until semester/cumulative GPA is 2.0 or above.
Auditing a Course: Audit - Pay feesĀ®ister for a class(es) as an observer only&receive no credit for it; Complete a course audit request form&submit to the registrar; Can no change back to a credit course; Grade="AU"
Attendance: An obligation/privilege; Attendance policies vary among instructors; Your responsibility to be familiar with your instructors' policies (found on syllabus); Failure to comply can jeopardize your success in earning a passing grade
Academic Honesty: Essential rule that any work a student will receive a grade/credit be entirely his/her own&give credit to sources; Cheating - the fraudulent act of deception on an academic exercise by a student who misrepresents the mastery of information.
Plagiarism: The unacknowledged inclusion of someone else's words/ideas/data as one's own in work submitted for credit; Failure to identify any source published/unpublished/copyrighted/non-copyrighted, constitutes plagiarism
Incomplete Work "I" grade when circumstances makes the student unable to complete work; Must be passing the course; Student is responsible for making up all unfinished work by the withdrawal date of the following semester; If work not complete, "I" will change to "F"
Developmental Policy: Once the student begins on a developmental track, the student must complete that track; Students are not allowed to re-test for the purpose of eliminating levels
Academic Learning Resource Center: Offers tutoring services free-of-charge to assist all student; One-on-one/group tutoring; Located in Room 126; Hours Monday-Thursday 8-4:30&Friday 8-2
Terms (part 1): Official Cumulative Grade Point Average - student's GPA based on the goal # of quality point earned divided by total # of quality hours attempted.
Terms (par2): Disposition - values, commitments, & professional ethics that influence behaviors towards others & affect student learning/motivation/development/educator's own professional growth
Terms (part 3): Semester Average - student's GPA based on the total # of quality points earned divide by the total # of seamers hours attempted in a given semester
Terms (part 4): Prerequisites - course(s) to be completed/conditions to be met before a student is eligible to enroll in a more advance course&listed in each course description.
Terms (part 5): Humanities - courses in literature, foreign languages, history, communications, philosophy, & interdisciplinary.
Terms (part 6): Social & Behavioral Sciences - courses in economics, geography, government, psychology, & sociology
Terms (part 7): Fine Arts - courses in music, visual arts, applied arts, theatre, dance, & interdisciplinary
Terms (part 8): Co-requisties - concurrent requirement, usually a course of some other condition that must be met/taken
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