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Divine (v) - to discover or guess (adj) - coming from or relating to God
Lava (n) - hot liquid rock that flows from a volcano
Primitive (adj) - something that is primitive is very simple and does not have the extra modern parts
Brisk (adj) - quick and full of energy
Wrap (v) - to put paper or cloth over something to cover it
Cord (n) - a piece of thick string or thin rope
Concave (adj) - a concave surface is curved inwards in the middle
Convex (adj) - curved outwards, like the surface of the eye
Flint (n) - a type of smooth hard stone that makes a small flame when you hit it with steel
Spark (v) - to be the cause of something (n) - a very small piece of burning material produced by a fire
Strike (v) - hit (p.p) struck (n) - a period of time when a group of workers stall to work deliberately. (n) - an attack by airplane.
Alchemy (n) - a science studied in the Middle Ages, that involved trying to change ordinary metals into gold.
Alchemist (n) - a person who study alchemy.
Combustion (n) - the process of burning.
Combustible (adj) - able to burn easily.
Seal (v) - to close an entrance or a container with something that stops air, water etc from coming in or out of it. (n) - a large sea animal that eats fish and lives around coasts.
Twist (v) - to bend or turn something, such as wire, hair, or cloth, into a particular shape.
Hazard (n) - danger.
Hazardous (adj) - dangerous.
Dip (v) - to put something in liquid. (n) - swim.
Pharmacy (n) - a shop or a part of a shop where medicines are prepared and sold.
Pharmacist (n) - someone whose job is to prepare medicines in a shop or hospital.
Patent (n) - a special document that gives you the right to make or sell a new invention or product that no one else is allowed to copy. (adj) - Obvious. (v) - to obtain a special document giving you the right to make or sell a new invention or product.
Substitution (n) - when someone or something is replaced by someone or something else.
Substitute (v) - a person or thing that you use instead of the one that you usually have.
Formula (n) - a method or set of principles that you use to solve a problem.
Formulate (v) - to develop something such as a plan or a set of rules.
Formula One (n) - the highest level of international car racing.
Fume (v) - (1) to be angry about something. (v) - (2) to give off smoke or gases. (n) - strong-smelling gas or smoke that is unpleasant to breathe in.
Succumb (v) - (1) to stop opposing someone or something that is stronger than you, and allow them to take control. SYN: give in. (v) - (2) if you succumb to an illness, you become very ill or die of it.
Toxic (adj) - poisonous.
Toxicity (n) - poison.
Toxicology (n) - the science and medical study of poisons and their effects.
Toxicologist (n) - a person who studies about poisons.
Compatriot (n) - someone who was born in or is a citizen of the same country as someone else.
Lag behind (v) - to move or develop more slowly than others.
Climate (n) - the weather condition.
Climatic (adj) - relating to the weather in a particular area.
Climatology (n) - the scientific study of climate.
Climatologist (n) - a person who studies about climate.
Pioneer (n) - someone who is important in the early development of something, and whose work or ideas are later developed by other people. (v) - to be the first person to do, invent, or use something.
Beer (n) - an alcoholic drink made from malt.
Brewery (n) - a place where beer is made, or a company that makes beer.
Hand out (v) - distribute.
Preserve (v) - to save something or someone from being harmed or destroyed.
Preservation (n) - when something is kept in its original state or in good condition.
Preservative (n) - a chemical substance that is used to prevent things from decaying.
Friction (n) - (1) tension (n) - (2) when one surface rubs against another.
Widespread (adj) - common, commonplace, prevalent.
Percussion (n) - the sound or effect of two things hitting each other with great force.
Soak (v) - if you soak something, you keep it covered with a liquid for a period of time.
Identical (adj) - exactly the same.
Conserve (v) - preserve
Conservation (n) - preservation
Conservative (adj) - not very modern in style, taste etc SYN traditional.
Irritation (n) - anger, annoyance
Patently (adv) - obviously, apperantly
Distort (v) - (1) to change the appearance, sound, or shape of something so that it is strange or unclear. (v) - (2) to report something in a way that is not completely true or correct SYN misrepresent.
Extol (v) - to praise something very much.
Diary (n) - a book in which you write down the things that happen to you each day.
Publicity (n) - the attention that someone or something gets from newspapers, television etc.
Poverty (n) - the situation or experience of being poor
Gorgeous (adj) - beautiful, handsome, cute, attractive, pretty
Affection (n) - the feelings of love and caring that someone has.
Tent (n) - a shelter consisting of a sheet of cloth supported by poles and ropes, used especially for camping.
Beauty therapist (n) - someone who has been trained to give a particular form of treatment for beauty illness.
Woof (n) - a word used for describing the sound a dog makes. bark.
Carousel (n) - the moving belt that you collect your bags from at an airport
Look after (v) - to take care. Exp: Don’t worry, I’ll look after the kids tomorrow.
Look forward (v) - to be excited about something. Exp: I’m really looking forward to our vacation.
Look for (v) - search for
Margarine (n) - a yellow substance similar to butter but made from vegetable or animal fats.
Eastbound (adj) - travelling or leading towards the east
Ticket machine (n) - a machine which sells ticket
Parrot (n) - a tropical bird with a curved beak and brightly colored feathers that can be taught to copy human speech.
Come across (v) - to meet, find, or discover someone or something by chance. Exp: I came across an old diary in her desk. In written English, people often use encounter than come across.
Sprite (n) - a small imaginary creature with magic powers
Spirit (n) - attitude, character, soul.
Spritual (adj) - religious
Procession (n) - a line of people or vehicles moving slowly as part of a ceremony.
Mediocre (adj) - second rate, ordinary
Sceptic (n) - a person who disagrees with particular claims and statements, especially those that are generally thought to be true.
Sceptical (adj) - doubtful
Scepticism (n) - an attitude of doubting that particular claims or statements are true or that something will happen.
onward (adj) - moving forward or continuing.
Masquerade (n) - (1) a formal dance or party where people wear masks and unusual clothes. (n) - (2) - pretense (v) - pretend
Lottery (n) - a game used to make money for a state or a charity in which people buy tickets with a series of numbers on them. If their number is picked by chance, they win money or a prize.
Tabby (adj) - a cat with light and dark lines on its fur
Stripy (adj) - having lines
Ivory (n) - the hard smooth yellowish-white substance from the tusks (long teeth) of an elephant.
Ivory Coast (n) - a country in West Africa
Charity (n) - an organization that gives money, goods, or help to people who are poor, sick
Buzzer (n) - a small thing, usually shaped like a button, that buzzes when you press it
Buzz (v) - (1) to make a continuous sound, like the sound of a bee (v) - (2) to call someone by pressing a buzzer
Lettuce (n) - a round vegetable with thin green leaves eaten raw in salads
Nil (n) - nothing, zero - Exp: Our team won by two goals to nil.
Dream - Dreamt (v) - wish
Trilogy (n) - a series of three plays, books etc that are about the same people or subject
Scenery (n) - the natural features of a particular part of a country that you can see, such as mountains, forests, deserts etc.
Scene (n) - a view of a place as you see it.
Hill (n) - an area of land that is higher than the land around it, like a mountain but smaller.
Noise (n) - a sound, especially one that is loud, unpleasant, or frightening.
Noisy (adj) - a sound, especially one that is loud, unpleasant, or frightening.
Smelly (adj) - having a strong unpleasant smell.
Purr (v) - if a cat purrs, it makes a soft low sound in its throat to show that it is pleased.
Sneeze (v) - if you sneeze, air suddenly comes from your nose, making a noise, for example when you have a cold.
Accommodate (v) - to provide someone with a place to stay, live, or work.
Accommodation (n) - a place for someone to stay, live, or work.
Fly (v) - flew - flown
Exhausted (adj) - extremely tired
Kick in (v) - (informal) - to start or begin
Oval (n) (adj) - a shape like a circle, but wider in one direction than the other.
Monopolize (v) - to have complete control over something so that other people cannot share it or take part in it.
Fork (n) - a tool you use for picking up and eating food, with a handle and three or four points. (v) - if a road, river etc forks, it divides into two parts. divide, split
Inquire (v) - ask, demand
Misuse (n) (v) - to use something for the wrong purpose, or in the wrong way, often with harmful results SYN abuse.
Oversleep (v) - to sleep for longer than you intended.
Pack (v) - (1) to put things into cases, bags etc ready for a trip somewhere. (v) - (2) to go in large numbers into a space, or to make people or animals do this, until the space is too full.
Surreal (adj) - a situation or experience that is surreal is very strange and difficult to understand, like something from a dream.
Surrealism (n) - a style of 20th-century art or literature in which the artist or writer connects unrelated images and objects in a strange way.
Incredible (adj) - extremely good, unbelievable.
Tram (n) - a vehicle for passengers, which travels along metal tracks in the street.
Pear (n) - a sweet juicy fruit that has a round base and is thinner near the top, or the tree that produces this fruit.
Decider (n) - the last part of a game or competition, which will show who the winner is.
Magnificent (adj) - very impressive.
Shorthand (n) - a fast method of writing using special signs or shorter forms to represent letters, words, and phrases.
Fresher (n) - a student who has just started at a college or university.
In conjunction with (n) - working, happening, or being used with someone or something else.
Haircut (n) - when you have a haircut, someone cuts your hair for you.
Fancy (v) - (informal) - to like or want something.
Fair enough (adj) - all right, OK.
Hang on (v) - hold on
Get through (v) - do work
I'm afraid (v) - used to politely tell someone something that may annoy, upset, or disappoint them. I’m afraid so =yes I’m afraid not =no
Cauliflower (n) - a vegetable with green leaves around a firm white centre.
Independence (n) - the freedom and ability to make your own decisions in life.
Independent (adj) - not owned or controlled by something or someone.
Oyster (n) - a type of shellfish that can be eaten cooked or uncooked, and that produces a jewel called a pearl.
The world is your oyster (idiom) - used to tell someone that they can achieve whatever they want.
Constipation (n) - the condition of having difficulty in getting rid of solid waste from your body.
Constipated (adj) - someone who has constipation.
Symptom (n) - a sign that a serious problem exists.
Nowadays (adv) - today
Strange (adj) - weird, odd
Text (v) - to send someone a written message on a mobile phone
Emigrate (v) - to leave your own country in order to live in another country
Immigrate (v) - to come into a country in order to live there permanently
Apart (adj) - separate
Like-minded (adj) - having similar interests and opinions
Bear in mind (v) - keep in mind
Laid-back (adj) - relaxed and seeming not to be worried about anything.
Appetising (adj) - food that is appetizing smells or looks very good, making you want to eat it. Delicious.
Porridge (n) - oats that are cooked with milk or water and served hot for breakfast.
Mush or Mushy (adj) - (1) soft, wet, and unpleasant (adj) - (2) food for babies or porridge could be described as 'mush' or 'mushy'. mushy peas
Ostrich (n) - a large African bird with long legs, that runs very quickly but cannot fly.
Sensible (adj) - reasonable, practical, and showing good judgement
Peel (v) - to remove the skin from fruit or vegetables.
Offend (v) - to make someone angry or upset by doing or saying something that they think is rude, unkind etc.
Sage (adj) - very wise, especially as a result of a lot of experience
Sagacity (n) - wisdom
Jargon (n) - words and expressions used in a particular profession or by a particular group of people, which are difficult for other people to understand.
Incur (v) - if you incur a cost, debt, expense, or a fine, you have to pay money because of something you have done
Fare (n) - the price you pay to travel somewhere by bus, train, plane etc.
Petrol (n) - gasoline
Pursue (v) - to continue doing an activity or trying to achieve something over a long period of time.
Scam (n) - a clever but dishonest way to get money. SYN: fraud
Phishing (n) - the criminal activity of sending emails or having a website that is intended to trick someone into giving away information such as their bank account number or their computer password..
Harass (v) - to make someone’s life unpleasant, for example by frequently saying offensive things to them or threatening them.
Genuine (n) - a genuine feeling, desire etc is one that you really feel, not one you pretend to feel = Real.
Confidence (n) - (1) - the feeling that you can trust someone or something to be good, work well, or produce good results. (n) - (2) - the belief that you have the ability to do things well or deal with situations successfully.
Piracy (n) - the crime of illegally copying and selling books, tapes, videos, computer programs etc.
Assault (v) - to attack someone in a violent way. (n) - the crime of physically attacking someone.
Harassment (n) - when someone behaves in an unpleasant or threatening way towards you.
Confident (adj) - (1) - sure that something will happen in the way that you want or expect. (adj) - (2) - sure that you have the ability to do things well or deal with situations successfully.
Confidential (adj) - secret, classified, sensitive.
Civic (adj) - relating to a town or city.
Civilization (n) - a society that is well organized and developed, used especially about a particular society in a particular place or at a particular time.
Civilize (v) - to influence someone’s behavior, making or teaching them to act in a more sensible or gentle way.
Civilian (n) - anyone who is not a member of the military forces or the police.
Softy (adj) - someone who is easily affected by feelings.
Volunteer (n) - someone who does a job willingly without being paid
Voluntary (adj) - work etc that is done by people who do it because they want to, and who are not paid.
Psychology (n) - the study of the mind and how it influences people’s behavior.
Psychologist (n) - someone who is trained in psychology.
Psychological (adj) - mental
Rub (v) - (1) to move your hand, or something such as a cloth, backwards and forwards over a surface while pressing firmly. (v) - (2) to make something press against something else and move it around.
Awash (adj) - (1) - covered with water or another liquid (adj) - (2) - containing too many things or people. For example: London is awash with tourists in the summer.
Monoply (n) - if a company or government has a monopoly of a business or political activity, it has complete control of it so that other organizations cannot compete with it.
Congested (adj) - full of traffic
Congestion charge (n) - a way of reducing traffic in city centers by charging drivers money to enter.
Frustrated (adj) - feeling annoyed, upset, and impatient, because you cannot control or change a situation, or achieve something.
Frustration (n) - the feeling of being annoyed, upset, or impatient, because you cannot control or change a situation, or achieve something.
Tedious (adj) - boring
Flaw (n) - a mistake or problem in an argument, plan, set of ideas SYN : defect.
Flawless (adj) - having no mistakes or marks, or not lacking anything. SYN : perfect.
Naive (adj) - not having much experience of how complicated life is
Faith (n) - a strong feeling of trust or confidence in someone or something. SYN: trust, confidence
Faithful (adj) - loyal , reliable
Calibre (n) - the level of quality or ability that someone or something has achieved.
Criterion - Criteria (n) - a standard that you use to judge something or make a decision about something.
Merely (adv) - SYN : only,solely
Premise (n) - a statement or idea that you accept as true and use as a base for developing other ideas.
Dubious (adj) - SYN: doubtful, suspicious.
Roundly (adv) - severely, seriously
Censure (v) - (formal) criticize.
Criticize (v) - to express your disapproval of someone or something, or to talk about their faults.
Critical (adj) - (1) if you are critical, you criticize someone or something. (adj) - (2) crucial.
Notorious (adj) - famous or well known for something bad.
Veterinarian (n) - someone who is trained to give medical care and treatment to sick animals.
Veterinary (adj) - relating to the medical care and treatment of sick animals.
Inspector (n) - an official whose job is to check that something is satisfactory and that rules are being obeyed.
Inspect (v) - to examine something carefully in order to find out more about it or to find out what is wrong with it.
Appoint (v) - to choose someone for a position or a job.
Repute (n) - reputation.
Oblige (v) - (formal) if you are obliged to do something, you have to do it because the situation, the law, a duty etc makes it necessary.
Obligation (n) - a moral or legal duty to do something.
Proposition (n) - suggestion
Devote (v) - dedicate
Peasant (n) - a poor farmer who owns or rents a small amount of land, either in past times or in poor countries.
Casual (adj) - (1) - relaxed and not worried, or seeming not to care about something. (adj) - (2) - not formal or not for a formal situation.
Casualty (n) - someone who is hurt or killed in an accident or war.
Obliterate (v) - to destroy something completely so that nothing remains.
Carbohydrate (n) - a substance that is in foods such as sugar, bread, and potatoes, which provides your body with heat and energy and which consists of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.
Roughage (n) - fibre
Pointless (adj) - worthless or not likely to have any useful result.
Phenomenon - Phenomena (n) - something or someone that is very unusual because of a rare quality or ability that they have.
Anesthetic (n) - a drug that stops you feeling pain.
Anesthetist (n) - a doctor or nurse who has been specially trained to give people anesthetics.
Anesthetize (v) - to give someone an anesthetic so that they do not feel pain.
Remuneration (n) - (formal) the pay you give someone for something they have done for you.
Compass (n) - an instrument that shows directions and has a needle that always points north.
Cartography (n) - the activity of making maps.
Cartographer (n) - a person who makes maps.
Downgrade (v) - to make something seem less important or valuable than it is.
Mound (n) - a pile of earth or stones that looks like a small hill.
Crafty (adj) - intelligent, clever, brilliant ( in bad way! )
Captive (adj) - kept in prison or in a place that you are not allowed to leave.
Captivate (v) - to attract someone very much, and hold their attention.
Captivating (adj) - very attractive and interesting, in a way that holds your attention.
Resounding (adj) - a very great or complete success, victory.
Impartial (adj) - fair
Partial (adj) - (1) - not complete. (adj) - (2) - unfair.
Prejudice (v) (n) - to influence someone so that they have an unfair or unreasonable opinion about someone or something.
Controversial (adj) - causing a lot of disagreement, because many people have strong opinions about the subject being discussed. SYN : debatable, arguable.
Controversy (n) - a serious argument about something that involves many people and continues for a long time.
Timber (n) - SYN: lumber. wood used for building or making things.
Commmentator (n) - someone who knows a lot about a particular subject, and who writes about it or discusses it on the television or radio.
Reputed (adj) - believed to be true or said to be true but there isn’t actually any proof that it is.
Incongruous (adj) - strange, inappropriate
Indigenous (n) - indigenous people or things have always been in the place where they are, rather than being brought there from somewhere else SYN native
Indignity (n) - a situation that makes you feel very ashamed and not respected.
Embarrassed (adj) - feeling uncomfortable or nervous and worrying about what people think of you, for example because you have made a silly mistake, or because you have to talk or sing in public.
Embarrasing (adj) - making you feel ashamed, nervous, or uncomfortable
Embarrass (v) - to make someone feel ashamed, nervous, or uncomfortable, especially in front of other people.
Humiliate (v) - to make someone feel ashamed or stupid, especially when other people are present SYN embarrass.
Humiliation (n) - a feeling of shame and great embarrassment, because you have been made to look stupid or weak.
Humiliating (adj) - making you feel ashamed, embarrassed, and angry because you have been made to look weak or stupid SYN embarrassing.
Day trip (n) - a pleasure trip done in one day
Glimpse (n) - a quick look at someone or something that does not allow you to see them clearly.
Thee (pronoun) - a word meaning ‘you’, used as the object of a sentence. OLD USE
Barrister (n) - lawyer, attorney, advocate.
Metaphor (n) - a way of describing something by referring to it as something different and suggesting that it has similar qualities to that thing.
Hospitality (n) - friendly behavior towards visitors.
Expenditure (n)- the total amount of money that a government, organization, or person spends during a particular period of time.
Luxury (n) - very great comfort and pleasure, such as you get from expensive food, beautiful houses, cars etc.
Budget (n) - the money that is available to an organization or person, or a plan of how it will be spent. (v) - to carefully plan and control how much money you spend and what you will buy with it. (adj) - cheap
Asteroid (n) - one of the many small planets that move around the Sun, especially between Mars and Jupiter.
Analysis (n) - careful examination of something in order to understand it better.
Analyze (v) - to look at something carefully and thoroughly because you want to find out more about it.
Scratch (n) - a small cut on someone’s skin. (v) - to rub your skin with your nails because it feels uncomfortable.
Rubble (n) - broken stones or bricks from a building or wall that has been destroyed.
Rubbish (n) - garbage, trash
Debris (n) - the pieces of something that are left after it has been destroyed in an accident, explosion etc.
Pristine (adj) - extremely fresh or clean.
Insights (n) - a sudden clear understanding of something or part of something, especially a complicated situation or idea
Collide (v) - crash, hit, strike.
Collision (n) - crash, hit.
Anniversary (n) - a date on which something special or important happened in a previous year.
Annual (adj) - happening once a year SYN yearly.
Emphasis (n) - special attention or importance.
Emphesize (v) - to say something in a strong way.
Stereotype (n) - a belief or idea of what a particular type of person or thing is like. Stereotypes are often unfair or untrue.
Stereotype (v) - to decide unfairly that a type of person has particular qualities or abilities because they belong to a particular race, sex, or social class. EXP: Homeless people are stereotyped as alcoholics or addicts.
Chaperone (v) - to go somewhere with someone as a chaperon.
Hippopotamus (n) - a large grey African animal with a big head and mouth that lives near water. (informal) - hippo
Devastating (adj) - badly damaging or destroying something.
Habitat (n) - the natural home of a plant or animal.
Deforest (v) - the cutting or burning down of all the trees.
Deforestation (n) - the cutting or burning down of all the trees in an area.
Poach (v) - to illegally catch or shoot animals, birds, or fish, especially on private land without permission.
Miniature (adj) - tiny.
Elusive (adj) - an elusive person or animal is difficult to find or not often seen.
Conservationist (n) - someone who works to protect animals, plants etc or to protect old buildings.
Embrace (v) - to put your arms around someone and hold them in a friendly or loving way SYN hug.
Vernacular (n) - a form of a language that ordinary people use, especially one that is not the official language.
Intelligence (n) - the ability to learn, understand, and think about things.
Intelligent (adj) - an intelligent person has a high level of mental ability and is good at understanding ideas and thinking clearly. SYN : clever, smart, sharp ,bright, astute, crafty
Humble (adj) - not considering yourself or your ideas to be as important as other people’s.
Arrogant (adj) - behaving in an unpleasant or rude way because you think you are more important than other people.
Spatial (adj) - relating to the position, size, shape etc of things.
ASBO (n) - (anti-social behaviour order) an order in Britain which tells someone not to go to particular places.
Indiscriminate (n) - an indiscriminate action is done without thinking about what harm it might cause.
Intrinsic (adj) - being part of the nature or character of someone or something.
Competent (adj) - having enough skill or knowledge to do something to a satisfactory standard. OPP incompetent
Species (n) - a group of animals or plants whose members are similar and can breed together to produce young animals or plants.
Extinction (n) - when a particular type of animal or plant stops existing.
Extinct (adj) - an extinct type of animal or plant does not exist any more.
Invertebrate (n) - a living creature that does not have a backbone.
Nutrient (n) - a chemical or food that provides what is needed for plants or animals to live and grow.
Nutrition (n) - the process of giving or getting the right type of food for good health and growth.
Afford (n) - to have enough money to buy or pay for something. (adj) Affordable
Entrepreneur (n) - someone who starts a new business or arranges business deals in order to make money, often in a way that involves financial risks.
Undertake (v) - to accept that you are responsible for a piece of work, and start to do it.
Donation (n) - something, especially money, that you give to a person or an organization in order to help them.
Donate (v) - to give something, especially money, to a person or an organization in order to help them.
Donor (n) - a person, group etc that gives something, especially money, to help an organization or country.
Activist (n) - someone who works hard doing practical things to achieve social or political change.
Urgent (adj) - very important and needing to be dealt with immediately.
Pressing (adj) - needing to be discussed or dealt with very soon SYN urgent.
Overcrowded (adj) - filled with too many people or things.
Tuberculosis (n) - a serious infectious disease that affects many parts of your body, especially your lungs SYN TB.
Horrific (adj) - extremely bad, in a way that is frightening or upsetting.
Trousers (n) - a piece of clothing that covers the lower half of your body, with a separate part fitting over each leg SYN pants.
Distant (adj) 1- far away in space or time. (adj) 2- unfriendly
Underling (n) - an insulting word for someone who has a low rank
Corduroy (n) - a thick strong cotton cloth with thin raised lines on it, used for making clothes.
Tablet (n) - a small round hard piece of medicine which you swallow SYN pill.
Collapse (v) - to fall down suddenly
Fuss (n) - anxious behavior or activity that is usually about unimportant things.
Burden (n) - something difficult or worrying that you are responsible for.
Nuisance (n) - a person, thing, or situation that annoys you or causes problems.
Appeal (n) - an urgent request for something important SYN Request
Appeal for (v) - to make a serious public request for help, money, information etc
Appeal to (v) - if someone or something appeals to you, they seem attractive and interesting
Contradiction (n) - a difference between two statements, beliefs, or ideas about something that means they cannot both be true
Underpin (v) - to give strength or support to something and to help it succeed.
Negate (v) - to prevent something from having any effect.
Banal (adj) - ordinary and not interesting, because of a lack of new or different ideas.
Fluffy (adj) - very light and soft to touch
Bite (v) - to use your teeth to cut, crush, or chew something. (v) - to injure someone by making a hole in their skin.
Venomous (adj) - full of hatred or anger (adj) - a venomous snake, insect etc produces poison
Tourniquet (n) - a band of cloth that is twisted tightly around an injured arm or leg to stop it bleeding
Monsoon (n) - the season, from about April to October, when it rains a lot in India and other southern Asian countries
Contentment (n) - the state of being happy and satisfied OPP : discontent
Satisfaction (n) - a feeling of happiness or pleasure because you have achieved something or got what you wanted
Satisfy (v) - to make someone feel pleased by doing what they want.
Satisfying (adj) - making you feel pleased and happy, especially because you have got what you wanted. OPP:unsatisfying
Fulfill (v) - if you fulfill a hope, wish, or aim, you achieve the thing that you hoped for, wished for etc.
Fulfilling (adj) - making you feel happy and satisfied because you are doing interesting, useful, or important things SYN satisfying.
Stag night (n) - stag party,bachelor party - a party for a man and his male friends before he gets married, especially on the night before his wedding.
Hen night (n) - a party for women only, that happens just before one of them gets married.
Electrical cord / Power cord (n) - Electrical cord is a cable that temporarily connects an appliance to the mains electricity supply via a wall socket.
Power strip (n) - is a block of electrical sockets that attaches to the end of a flexible cable.
Wall socket (n)
Resolution (n) - a formal decision or statement agreed on by a group of people, especially after a vote. (n) - a promise to yourself to do something.
Overindulge (v) - to eat or drink too much.
Habit (n) - something that you do regularly or usually.
Hobby (n) - an activity that you enjoy doing in your free time.
Recession (n) - a difficult time when there is less trade. SYN: depression, slump,slowdown
Correspondent (n) - reporter
Firm (n) - a business or company, especially a small one.
Obesity (n) - when someone is very fat in a way that is unhealthy.
Waistline (n) - the amount you measure around the waist, especially used to judge how fat or thin you are.
Handy (adj) - useful.
Luddite (n) - someone who is opposed to using modern machines and methods.
Averse (v) - unwilling to do something or not liking something.
Sacred (adj) - holy, religion
Antiquated (adj) - old-fashioned and not suitable for modern needs or conditions.
Antique (adj) - antique furniture, jewelry etc is old and often valuable.
Conjure (v) - to perform clever tricks in which you seem to make things appear, disappear, or change by magic.
Mothball (n) - a small ball made of a strong-smelling chemical, used for keeping moths away from clothes.
Lavender (n) - a plant that has grey-green leaves and purple flowers with a strong pleasant smell.
Trigger (n) - to make something happen very quickly, especially a series of events.
Fragrance (adj) - a pleasant smell SYN scent.
Aroma (n) - a strong pleasant smell.
Odour (n) - a smell, especially an unpleasant one.
Stink (v) - to have a strong and very unpleasant smell.
Imprint (v) - to print or press the mark of an object on something.
Debut (n) - the first public appearance of an entertainer, sports player etc or of something new and important.
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