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AMU-Fall 2008-Lit Trad-Professor McCullough-Odyssey Characters-2nd Odyssey quiz

Amphimedon Suitor; his ghost tells the ghost of Agamemnon the tale of the Suitors' demise
Amphinomos suitor; favorite of Penelope; befriended and warned by Odysseus because of his kindness towards Odysseus
Antinoos Lead Suitor; Antinoos thought of the plans to murder Telemachos
Ktesippos violent suitor; throws a cow's hoof at Odysseus
Arniaos/Iros beggar who fights with Odysseus
Dolios loyal servant of Penelope and Laertes; works on laertes farm; father of Melanthios and Melantho
Eumaios Loyal swineherd of Odysseus; foreign prince kidnapped by pirates as a child and sold to Odysseus
Eurybates Odysseus' herald who accompanied him on his journey to Illion (died at troy?)
Eurykleia Old, loyal servant of Penelope; wet-nurse of both Odysseus and Telemachos; recognizes Odysseus by his scare while washing his feet
Eurymachos second leading suitor; tries hardest to win Penelope through gifts; lies to her about his intentions towards her son; throws a stool at Odysseus
Eurynome housekeeper and nurse of Penelope
Theoklymenos stranger, fleeing from argos, with prophetic gifts who is rescued by Telemachos; Prophesies that Odysseus is already in Ithaka; Prophesies the suitors' doom
Melanthios Disloyal goatherd of Odysseus; retrieves armor for suitors; mutilated by Telemachos, Philoitios, and Eumaios; son of Dolios
Melantho Disloyal handmaiden of Penelope; sleeps with Eurymachos; repeatedly insults Odysseus; daughter of Dolios
Medon Loyal Herald of Odysseus; spared by Odysseus an account of Telemachos plea on his behalf
Leodes weak and well-meaning suitor; prophetic; begs for mercy but is slaughtered by Odysseus anyway.
Created by: SRMcG
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