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Cinema Test #1

Exam #1 Study Cards for Central Michigan University's BCA 101 Class

What is an auteur? A director who also writes and edits their films.
What did Edison's employee, Dickson, invent? Kinetograph (camera) & Kinetoscope (viewer)
What is The Black Maria? Edison's "film factory."
What did the Lumiere Brothers invent? Cinematograph, which is a portable camera AND projector.
When is the birthday of the movies? December 28th, 1895.
What did Edison buy to compete with the cinematograph? Vitascope.
What is visual symbolism? Something physical that stands for or represents something that can't be seen.
Who is the father of special effects? Melies.
What is cross-cutting? The edit between two or more separate actions in order to create the illusion that they are happening simultaneously.
What is continutiy? The illusion that action continues across edits.
What is objective camera? Camera that doesn't have any action coming towards it. Stationary.
What is subjective camera? Camera with action coming toward or away.
What are nickelodeons? Store front theaters.
What are vaudeville houses? Middle/low class entertainment style variety shows.
What is the Motion Picture Patents Company? "The Trust." Aimed to control the industry. Headed by Edison.
Who were the group of politicians, church leaders, and other people who disliked the movies? Progressives.
What are the 3 interacting forces that made the movies seem bad? Movie theaters in general. Industrialization, Urbanization, Immigration.
What did the movie industry do to stop progressives complains? Started The National Board of Review in 1909.
What decade is the most important decade in film? 1920s.
Who formed United Artists? Chaplin, Pickford, Fairbanks, and Griffith in 1919.
Who were the pioneers of Slapstick comedy? Charlie Chaplin and Mack Sennett?
Who are the difference between Sennett and Chaplin's forms of comedy? Sennett's characters had no emotions while Chaplin's did.
What is the studio system? A highly departmentalized factor style mode of production.
What is vertical integration? When one company controls all aspects of a given industry.
What is block booking? Forcing an independent theater owner to buy a block of awful films, just so they get the one that they want.
What is a movie palace? 1 building that holds 2000-5000 people to show movies.
What is modernism? An art movement including literature, painting, and film. Trying to make things new.
What are the 3 factors that led to progressives forcing 2nd self-regulation efforts? The Fatty Arbuckle Scandals, Anti-Semitism, Changing Roles of Women.
What is the MPPDA? Motion Picture Producers and Distribution of America. Replaced Nation Board of Review in 1922.
What are the two factors that influence German Expressionism? Exaggeration & Distortion.
What is mise en-scene? Arrangement of all visual elements in front of the camera.
What ended German Expressionism? Hitler.
What did French Experimentalists focus on? Camera work and optical devices.
What did the Russians focus on? Editing (Montage)
What is formalism? Emphasizes on style and technique rather than character/story.
What movie did Melies direct & with what camera? Trip to The Moon 1902, objective camera.
What movie did Porter direct & with what camera? The Great Train Robbery, subjective camera.
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