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Principles of Ed

NHS 2014-2015 Leadership and Ethics Test

Having good work ethic will help win employers approval.
Allowing friends and family to purchase items using your employee discount is dishonest.
Being loyal means keeping company business within the company.
Deal with people in a helpful, friendly, professional way.
The more you learn and do on the job, the more valuable you are to your employer.
As an employee put your best foot forward at all time.
Every job matters.
If you are late for work apologize when you arrive.
When you are a leader and someone does something great you should acknowledge them.
Qualities of an ethical educator does NOT include disrespecting individual differences.
When you win with your employer, you may be rewarded with job security, raises and promotions.
Before making suggestions get to know your employer and the operation.
When planning a project assess, prioritize and determine available resources.
You are expected to get along with your coworkers, customers and Business contacts.
If you are unsure of rules or policies ask for an explanation.
Strong communication skills include non-verbal, written and verbal.
To be punctual, arrive 5 to 10 minutes early.
Dependable workers are first to be considered for advancements and raises.
When you are a leader listen to others' ideas.
Abusing work privileges include taking 20 minutes for a 15 minute break, making personal calls and sending personal faxes.
Being dishonest includes taking company supplies and equipment and taking too much time for breaks.
Doing your best as an employee means doing your job to the best of your ability.
In order to improve have a positive attitude, develop new skills, and ask experienced workers to show you advanced tasks.
In management process implement means to put your plan into action.
Enthusiasm means excitement.
If you must be absent call your supervisor.
If you want days off work ask your boss, explain your reason and put request in writing.
If you will be more than 15 minutes late call, speak to your supervisor and give estimate of arrival time.
Privilege Right that is given as a benefit.
Dependable Being reliable and a person of your word.
Work ethic Standard of conduct
Created by: IAMGCS
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