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English Vocab L.6

adversary an opponent or enemy
bizarre very odd in style, manner, or appearance; weird
donor one who donates something, such as money, blood, or a body part; a giver
escalate to make or become larger or more intense
furtive sly or sneaky; done in a secretive way to avoid being noticed
high-strung very nervous, tense, or sensitive ; excitable
hinder to make difficult or delay the movement or progress of; to hold back
imminent about to happen; likely to occur soon
indisputable not open to dispute or doubt; unquestionable
livelihood a means or supporting life; the way one makes a living
outspoken not shy about speaking out; expressed boldly and openly
plenteous having or producing a large supply; more than enough; plentiful
quota a fixed share or amount assigned any one person,group,country, and so on
somber dark and gloomy/sad and thoughtful
tarry to delay or be slow in starting an action; to hesitate
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