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Medical Terminology

Red Module- Urinary System

anuria absence of urine production
azotemia metabolic wastes in the blood
cystography x-ray examination of the bladder following injection of a radiopaque substance
cystolithotomy incision into the bladder to remove stones
cystoscopy visual examination of the bladder with a cystoscope
cystostomy formation of a new opening into the bladder
dysuria painful urination
enuresis involuntary discharge of urine after 5 years of age
filtrate urine
filtration filtering blood to process urine from waste products
frequency voiding at frequent intervals
glomerular pertaining to the glomerulus
glomerulitis inflammation of the glomerulus
glomerulonephritis inflammation of the glomerulus & kidney
glycosuria glucose in the urine
gout a type of arthritis caused by excessive uric acid in the body
hemodialysis removal of chemical substances from blood
hesitancy involuntary delay or inability to start urinary flow
lithotripsy crushing of a stone in the bladder or urethra
lithotriptor device which destroys urinary stones
macroscopic urinalysis examination of urine for color, turbidity, odor, & chemical make-up
microscopic urinalysis examination of a drop of urine under the microscope to detect RBCs, WBCs, casts, etc.
micturition urination
nephrectomy surgical removal of the kidney
nephrocystitis inflammation of the kidney & bladder
nephrohypertrophy enlargement of the kidney
nephrolith kidney stone
nephrolysis destruction of the kidney
nephromalacia softening of the kidney
nephropathy disease of the kidney
nephropexy surgical fixation of the kidney
nephrostomy formation of a new opening into the kidney
nephroureterectomy surgical removal of the kidney & a ureter
nocturia excessive urination at night
pyelitis inflammation of the renal pelvis
pyelolithotomy incision into the kidney to remove a stone
pyeloplasty surgical repair of the renal pelvis
pyuria pus in the urine
reabsorption ability of the kidneys to return certain products to the blood
renal pertaining to the kidney
renal biopsy removal of a small piece of kidney tissue for microscopic examination
renal insufficiency reduced capacity of the urinary system to perform its functions
renal transplant incorporating a kidney from a compatible donor into a recipient
uremia toxic condition associated with renal insufficiency
ureterectasis dilation of a ureter
ureterectomy surgical removal of a ureter
ureternephrectomy surgical removal of a ureter & a kidney
ureterography x-ray examination of a ureter
ureteroplasty surgical repair of a ureter
ureterorrhagia hemorrhage of a ureter
ureterostenosis narrowing of a ureter
ureterostomy formation of a new opening into a ureter
urethrectomy surgical removal of the urethra
urethrodynia pain in the urethra
urethroplasty surgical repair of the urethra
urethroscopy visual exam of the urethra with a urethroscope
urgency the need to void immediately
urinalysis examination of urine
urochrome substance which gives urine its color
vesicotomy incision into the bladder
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