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electoeol colig a group of pepol named by eche stat legislacher
elector person aponted to vote in presodichol elechons for the major canodits
executiv order a role or comand that has the force of law
pardin a declorachon of forgvnes and fredom of punishmint
repereve an order to delay a pesons hering until a hier cort heers the case
amnesty a pardin to a group of pepole
foren polecy a nashons overall plan for delaying with oter nachons
nachonol securety the abillity to keep the contery safe from atack or harm
trety a formol agemintbetwen contreys to or more govermints
executiv agrement an agerymint betwen the presodint and the leder of another contry
ambasitor an offishol represinitiv of a contrys govermint
trade sanctrion an efort to punish another nachon by imposing trade bareors
embargo an agremint betwen nashons that prohibits thim from trading with a targit nachon
cabinit a grope of advisers to the presodint that inclods the head of 15 top levol executiv departmints
fedrul bureaucaracy the colectiv agintses and empolyes of the executiv branch
indopindint agency fedrol bord or comishin that is not part of any cabnet departmint
govermint corporatin a bisnes owend and operated by the fedrul govermint
political apointee a person aponted to a fedral posishonby the presodint
civil servas worker person hierd into a govermint posishon
civol servas sistom a practes of hiering govermint workers baste on merit
spoils system rewarding pepol with govermint jpbs on the basses of politecal saport
merit system hiyering pepol into govermint jobs on the bases of qwalifacashon
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