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platt college mod 1

PT 102 Mod 1

Gross Anatomy is also known as macroscopic anatomy
An example of Gross Anatomy is viewing an x-ray
The study of Physiology deals with functions
RBC is the abbreviation for red blood cells
The study of disease is known as pathophysiology
What system is known as the mathematical language of Anatomy and Physiology? metric system
What are vital signs? temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate
The chemical operations occurring within the body that are necessary for conversion of nutrients are known collectively as metabolism
The adjustments that maintain a stable environment within the body are known as homeostasis
The phase of metabolism in which that breaking down of nutrients occurs is known as catabolism
The body uses feedback loops to maintain homeostasis. The response that opposes an action is known as a/an negative feedback loop
Positive feedback childbirth
The indicators that are essential for human life respirations, heart rate, temperature
Anatomy in Greek means to cut apart true
Anatomy focuses on the function and vital processes of the human body. false
Macro means small false
Cytotechologists study gross anatomy false
Tachycardia means a slow heart rate false
Leuk/o is the combining form for cell false
Glyc/o is the combining form for sugar true
Hyp/o means above normal false
The anatomical position is a human being standing erect facing forward with feet parallel and arms hanging at the side with palms facing backward. false
The fowler’s position is the best position for patients having trouble breathing. true
The prone position is best for the pelvic exam. false
Computed tomography (CT) scanning uses a narrowly focused x-ray beam that circles rapidly around the body. true
A CT scan can show the true depth of a quarter-sized tumor shown on regular x-ray. true
The opposite of superficial is lateral. false
The cranial cavity houses the brain. true
Cervical means relating to the knee. false
Knowing the exact body region can help a health care worker determine the proper diagnosis
A body in the prone position is facing downward
Dorsal cavities contain which organs? brain and spinal cord
The heart and lungs are located in the ____________ cavity. thoracic
The space within the mouth is known as the _________ cavity. oral
The belly button is located which region? umbilical
The organelles that provides 95% of the body’s energy is mitochondria
Sperm cells are able to move in a swimming motion by the use of ___________. flagella
The molecule made by mitochondria that provides the power to the cell is ATP adenosine triphosphate
The ability of a substance to pull water toward an area of higher concentration of the solute is called osmotic pressure
The process of cleaning debris and waste from the cell is carried out by lysosomes
Created by: Bearlylady