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Mixture Questions

How is Mattered classified? Matter is classified in 3 groups. The groups are solid,liquid, and gas.
What are the properties of mixtures? The physical properties of a mixture, such as its melting point, may differ from those of the components. Some mixtures can be separated into their components by physical (mechanical or thermal) means.
What are the different types of mixtures? The 2 types of mixtures are distillation and magnet. Distillation is the process that seperates a mixture based on the boiling points of the component. Magnet seperates a mixture of the elements iron and aluminum.
What are the 2 classes of mixtures? Solution: a mixture that appears to be a single substance. Composed of particles of two or more substances. Examples) tap water, soft drinks, gasoline, gasoline, air, milk, and steel. Suspensions:mixture in which particles of a material are dispersed
What technique does a scientist use to seperate the following types of mixtures:
a) liquid=gas Scientists use the process call Distillation. Distillation is a process that seperates a mixture based on the boiling points of the components.
b) liquid=liquid Scientists just heat up the mixtures, until the water evaporates.
c) substances based on density Scientists a a machine called a Centrifuge. A centrifuge seperates mixtures by the density of the components.
d) metals= non metals A magnet can be used to seperate a mixture of the elements iron and aluminum. Iron is a metal, but aluminum is a non-metal.
larger particles Scientists just sometimes pick them off the substance. This change is a physical change of the mixture. The identities of the substances do not change.
What is a mixture ? A mixture is a combination of two or more substances that are not chemically combined. When two or more materials are put together, they form a mixture if they do not react to form a compound.
What is a compound ? A compound is a pure substance composed of two or more elements that are chemically combined. Elements combine by reacting, or undergoing a chemical change, with one another.
What is an element ? An element is a pure substance that cannot be separated into simpler substances by physical or chemical means.
What is a pure substance ? A pure substance is a substance in which there is only one type of particle. So, each element contains only one type of particle.
Whats the difference between a metal and a non-metal ? Metal conduct heat energy and electric currents. Non-metals doesn't conduct heat energy nor electric currents.
How are compounds identified ? Compounds are identified by their chemical properties. Or by their own physical properties.
How are compounds broken down ? Some compounds can be broken down into their elements by chemical changes. Other compounds break down to form simpler compounds instead of elements.
Is there a chemical change when making a mixture ? No , there is no chemical change happening. So, each substance in a mixture has the same chemical makeup it had before the mixture formed.
Why do substances in a mixture keep their identities? They keep their identity the same because there is no chemical change occurring. Since there is no chemical change, the substances stay the same and keep their identity.
Whats the difference between a solution, solvent, and a solute? A solution is a mixture that appears to be a single substance. The the solute is the substance that is dissolved.The solvent is the substance in which the solute is dissolved. A solute must be soluble, or able to dissolve, in the solvent.
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